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Minister of Tourism,Catherine Ablema Afeku’s Husband Accused Of Death Threat

The husband of the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Catherine Ablema Afeku, has been dragged to the Western Regional Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Takoradi by a traditional ruler over a case of assault and also threatening to kill one of his subjects; also a traditional ruler with a gun.

The complaint, follows Mr Seth Afeku’s unruly behavior during a meeting in the Palace of the Paramount Chief of Nsein Traditional Council, Awulae Adyefi Kwame II in the Western Region, the Minister of Tourism, was fined for blatant lying against the Awulae and getting him embarrassed by the Presidency.

The Herald is informed, Mrs. Afeku, who happens to be the Member of Parliament (MP) of Evalue Ajomoro Gwira Constituency, with her entourage visited the Paramount chief, ostensibly to render an unqualified apology to him over the brouhaha surrounding the appointment of Dr. Ben Asante as the Ghana Gas Chief Executive Officer (CEO), last year.

The minister was led by the Regional Minister, D.r Kwaku Afriyie, to beg for forgiveness from Awulae Adyefi Kwame for getting him humiliated at the Presidency by some government officials, including the Minister of National Security, Albert Kan Daapah, late last year.

However, what was supposed to be reconciliation talk two Sundays ago, The Herald gathered, almost turned bloody as the husband of the MP, Mr Afeku, flared up after his wife was fined bottles of schnapps, two sheep and an amount of GH¢2, 000.00 to pacify Awulae Adyefi Kwame II.

Madam Afeku, was said to have fabricated some lies against Awulae Agyefi and had him severely embarrassed.

The Minister shortly thereafter, started making frantic efforts to seek forgiveness from Awulae Agyefi.

She was first led by the President of the Western Regional House of Chiefs, Ogyeaahoho Yaw Gyebi and T3t3tr3 of Wassa Traditional Area to beg, but that ended in a standoff.

The second attempt to get Awulae Agyefi’s forgiveness, also led to her husband threatening to assault Nana Koomson, one of the sub chief of Nsein Traditional Council for getting him (Mr. Afeku) driven out from the palace for his rowdy behavior toward the chiefs and elders.

Seth Afeku, was protesting against the fine, shouting his wife had not committed any abomination to warrant paying those items.

This happened in the presence of the Regional Minister, Dr Kwaku Afriyie, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the area, Frank Okpeyen, and some NPP party members and the Tourism Minister, who could not calm her husband down.

While at it, the chiefs and elders led by Nana Koomson, got infuriated and ordered that he leaves the palace for the deliberation to continue, and he was walked out by the youth of the town.

Mr Afeku, initially refused to leave the Palace, but finally left upon the insistence from other members of the entourage, including Nana Koomson.

He swore at Nana Koomson saying “You Nana Koomson, you wait, you will see”.

True to his words, later that evening, he stormed the Nsein town from his Axim base to deal with the 62-year old by teaching him where power lies.

Mr Afeku, after many efforts to locate the home of Nana Koomson, finally made his way there at around 9pm, but met his wife after almost breaking the gate to the house.

On top of his voice, this paper was told, Mr Afeku, dared the sub-chief to avail himself for him to deal with him. When the wife of the chief tried to inquire what the problem was, he brushed her aside, calling her a “small girl”.

The dramatic scene, drew attention to Nana Koomson’s house, and the youth, angrily asked him to leave in peace or be lynched, the angry youth, also threatened to burn his Tundra vehicle.

The chief and the Assemblyman of Nsein, Kofi Agyefi Kwame, after the incident drove to the police station at Axim to lodge a complaint, but Mr Afeku, stormed the police station to give Nana Koomson two hefty slaps and elbowed him, adding that “we’re in power and nobody can do shit to me”.

Madam Afeku, later rushed to the scene and apologized to the chief for the assault, but Awulae Adyeifi Kwame, has taken up the matter to the regional level by lodging a formal complaint to the Regional CID office for an assault and threat to kill.

Meanwhile, the office of the Tourism Minister, is appealing to the youth of Nsein to forgive her husband and has promised to pay the medical expenses of the victim of the assault.

In an interview with Nana Koomson, he confirmed the incident, saying the case is now beyond him as Awulae Adyefi Kwame II, has taken it up and lodged complaint with the CID in Takoradi.

According to him, because he wasn’t around when the Mr Afeku, stormed his house, he could not say he carried a pistol, but he was informed by those who came around that, indeed he had the weapon on him.

He told this paper that, when he arrived at the police station, while exchanging pleasantries with the officer in-charge, Corporal Asumadu, Mr Afeku, with his driver, unknown to Nana Koomson, came to the Police Station, and landed him a hefty slap, without any provocation.

“..I thought he would be put behind bar” but the police officer, intervened begging him to exercise restraint few minutes later, Mrs. Afeku, arrived at the station, pleaded with him to join him to a room where she knelt down to beg him to forgive her husband.

Nana Koomson said, he accepted her plea by not lodging the complaint, but the following day, Monday, Awulae Adyefi Kwame II, who was out of town the night before, was informed of the incident and so he immediately came back announcing that, he could not allow the case to die a natural death.

Subsequently, the town folks were gathered and clad in red, organized a protest march to the Police Station to register their displeasure.

After that, it was agreed that Mr Afeku, never steps foot into the Nsein town, until the issue is settled.

According to the former Nsein Senior High School (SHS) tutor, Mrs. Afeku, has been pleading and asking people to beg on her behalf, but he told them the case is now beyond him.

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