Minister Assaults Presiding Member

In NPP Invisible Forces Raid On Ada East

President Nana Akufo-Addo, has been offered a unique opportunity to demonstrate his pledge to punish any party and government official behind the numerous cases of hooliganism, which have led to attacks on the Flagstaff House, the judiciary, the police, National Security Secretariat, School Feeding Offices, districts and municipal assembles across the country.

His Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister, Elizabeth Sackey, appears to have freely presented herself as a sacrificial lamb, as she is accused of assault the Presiding Member of the Ada East District Assembly, Simon Korblah Arthur, in the controversial elections of Sarah Pobee.

The election, has been marred by reports of rigging and intimidation tactics, where again the deputy minister, has been accused of deploying New Patriotic Party (NPP) Invisible Forces to destabilized the voting and counting of ballot at Ada East District Assembly over the weekend.

Videos of the violent incident and the intimidating presence of heavily armed policemen, have flooded every conceivable social media site.

Chiefs, queen mothers and other opinion leaders are in most of the videos, painstakingly asking the police, the Invisible Forces and others, to allow the assemblymen vote in peace since they were not in warzone.

Simon Korblah Arthur, part of 17 assembly members, who have since petitioned President Akufo-Addo, told The Herald that, he has since lodged a criminal assault case against Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister with Ada Police, who subsequently gave him a medical form to visit the hospital.

He told The Herald that, despite visiting the hospital, he is still nursing some severe pains from the hefty blows he received from the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister for refusing to change the venue of the voting.

The Presiding Member disclosed that, last Saturday’s event is about the third time that election of Sarah Pobee, has been characterized by violence, intimidation and daylight assault.

He revealed that, although 17 assembly members signed the petition, in all 20 members, have come forward to deny voting for Sarah Pobee.

In their petition to the Flagstaff House, the 17 assembly members, pointed out that pro-NPP group; Invisible Forces, snatched ballot boxes to distort the results, which declared Sarah Pobee elected as DCE, after two previous attempts failed.

The petitioners said, the police looked on, while the ballot box was snatched into a police van without the authorization of the Presiding Member, who was also assaulted when he protested.

The Assembly members pointed out that democracy was defiled within 45 minutes, as the lights in the voting hall went off. The ballot box was grabbed and sent inside a police van, where they alleged it was tampered with, adding during the time the box was kept in the van, there was no Presiding member present or agents or assembly member.

The 17 Assembly members, say the unsigned declaration form which gave the nominee 27 votes against nine, cannot be accurate. This is because all 17 voted against Sarah Pobee, they said.

The petitioners, say the result is therefore fraudulent, condemnable and unacceptable.

They want the Council of State and the President, not to recognize the nominee as validly securing two-thirds majority she desperately needed.

Others who were copied aside the Council of State were: Minister of Local Government Hajia Alima Mahama, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei, the Regional Police Commander; Tema Region, the Paramount Chief of Ada Traditional Council;Big-Ada.

Pobee had tried twice to garner the stipulated two-thirds support and had only one more lifeline vote to confirm her nomination by the president.

If she failed, the president would have no choice than to nominate a different representative to the District Assembly.

The Assembly members insist, the vote process was subverted and have expressed willingness to take “concrete steps” to ensure that the voting process is reversed.

Tension at Ada dates back to May 2017, after the president’s nominee, Sarah Pobee, lost the first vote when 23 rejected her nomination as against 13.

The loss led to the sacking of government appointees in the District Assembly in a letter signed by the Greater Accra Regional minister, Ishmael Ashitey.

In the second vote, however, Pobee, who owns a flourishing Supermarket at Ada, still could not secure 2/3 majority after she polled 19 out of a total of 36 votes.

The results of her last chance last Friday, is now the subject of a petition. But it has not stopped the Greater Accra Regional Minister from swearing her in.

From the ongoing, it is clear that, Sarah Pobee, cannot function effectively and efficiently at the Ada East District Assembly.

We publish unedited below the full petition

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