Mills’ ‘legitimate’ family can get autopsy report at 37 Military Hospital – Brother

Dr Cadman Mills, one of the brothers of the late John Evans Atta Mills, has said the “legitimate” family of the late president can obtain a copy of his autopsy report at the 37 Military Hospital if they so wish.
His comment was in response to a demand for the report by one side of the family, which has received the support of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

At the weekend, President Akufo-Addo said the demand by the family of the late President for his autopsy report is a “legitimate one”.

“I’ll have to find out how to proceed on that, but it’s a legitimate demand” the president said when the family called on him at Jubilee House to make the appeal.

“If the family wants to have [the autopsy report] of someone who died in those circumstances, it’s a legitimate demand”, Mr Akufo-Addo said after Mr Koku Anyidoho, the spokesperson of the late president, had informed him in the presence of Mills’ family that only one of the late President’s brothers, Mr Samuel Atta Mills, claims to have the autopsy report.

“It should be part of our official documentation and public records”, President Akufo-Addo interjected.

At the meeting was the Kyidomhemaa of Ekumfi Traditional Council and Queen mother of the Odomna Family of Ekumfi Otuam and Asaman, Nanahemaa Enyimfuaa III, in the company of the Head of the Odomna Family from which the late President hails, Abusuapanin Kobina Biney.

The Kyidomhemaa said it remains a key worry of the entire maternal family of the late president that after 10 years since the professor passed away, no member of the family can mention what happened to him because none of them has sighted his autopsy report.

According to her, “it is a constant headache, that no member of the family can confidently answer the simple question of how and why the late president died and indeed, what actually killed him.”

“Till date we as family are not able to tell if the doctor had said, he broke an arm, his neck or what specific medical defect and circumstances caused his death. I, therefore, plead with you, Mr. President, on behalf of my stool and on behalf of the entire family to assist us get the autopsy report of President Mills, so that we can amply explain to the family and to our generations born and unborn, what killed President Mills and lay to rest the hazy circumstances surrounding his death.”

However, describing the autopsy request as “very stale news” and ‘exasperating!”, Dr Cadman Mills wrote on X that: “President Mills died. An Autopsy was performed at 37 Military Hospital. A ‘Family Representative’ was present at autopsy, as required by law. The (legitimate) family can obtain a copy from ’37’ to do with as it pleases. Next Subject.”

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