Merger: CPP wants PNC dissolved first

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) says it can only merge with the People’s National Convention (PNC) if the latter were dissolved.

“We don’t want to be brought down in the long run, we have the platform, we have the men and women of substance, and we have policies that we want to present to Ghanaians. We are asking them to support us with that platform and anybody who wants to join that platform is welcome.

“Based on Ghana’s electoral laws, for two parties to merge one has to dissolve itself or both can dissolve themselves and register a new name. We have agreed that the CPP name will remain,” CPP General Secretary Nii Armah Akomfrah said.

The two Nkrumahist parties have been in failed merger talks for about a decade. Despite numerous failed attempts, they are still considering the possibility.

However, Mr Akomfrah’s precondition for merger has got the PNC angry.

PNC General Secretary, Atik Mohammed, has condemned his CPP colleague’s precondition saying: “I am disappointed in the commentary by our colleagues in the CPP. The operative condition in the resolution [for merger] is that we do this devoid of any preconditions, but it is very evident that the CPP is coming to the table with some preconditions and this talk of us dissolving our party for me is laughable. Why would a stronger entity dissolve itself to join a weaker one?” Mr Atik noted in an interview on Joy FM Tuesday January 26.

“What the General Secretary of the CPP has said is an expression of bad faith and has the tendency of destroying the negotiation before it even begins,” Mr Mohammed added.

“From what he [Mr Akomfrah] has said, the indication is that if you don’t dissolve yourselves we cannot have any merger. Electorally, over the period the PNC has proven the stronger third force in this country, so, why would we dissolve ourselves. If anything at all it should be the weaker one joining us,” he stressed.

Earlier, the national chairman of the PNC, Bernard Mornah revealed that all issues regarding the merger had to be cleared by April for the two parties to unite without any conditions.

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