Melcom Caught …..As Presidency Tightens Screws On Revenue Leakage

The dragnet is gradually catching up with the departmental retail outlet, Melcom Ghana Limited.

Credible information available to reveals that efforts are underway courtesy a directive from the office of President John Mahama for Melcom to be brought to book with regards to payment of taxes.
Sources say the directive has been particularly placed at the doorsteps of Ghana’s top security agencies.

Preliminary intrusions into the books of Melcom by GHANA DAILY forensic analysts reveal that some tax liabilities to the state are still outstanding.

However, payments have not been forthcoming because tax authorities lack the requisite technical expertice and smart finesse to unravel the mystery of Melcom’s total tax liabilities to the people of Ghana.

Two years ago, a first audacious effort to bring Melcom to book was undertaken when operatives of the Bureau off National Investigations (BNI) raided their offices and arrested some key bosses. At the time, Melcom was said to be owing taxes to the tune of over GHS60 million.
The case later took a low key note when some influence peddlers infiltrated the seat of Government, Flagstaff House, for “some amicable settlements.”

In order to avoid further embarrassments, Melcom obviously adopted pragmatic public relations strategy to reach out to “big men in Ghana.”
In one of our visits to the offices of a top man in Accra, Melcom’s shopping vouchers of a huge pile were seen. Apparently, the top man has not stepped a foot in Melcom’s shops in order to do shopping.
The top man maintained that he “has conscience and cannot be compromised.”
There are other big shots in Ghana currently who receive monthly shopping vouchers from Melcom and are visibly compromised from joining any efforts to expose any wrongdoing against the company.
A big man, who resides around downtown Accra in Osu, is currently busy doing Melcom’s underground works. His work is that of checking where the trouble spots are and adopt strategic moves to nib them in the bud. That big man, name withheld for now, has approached GHANA DAILY on several occasions for publication to cease but to no avail.
Revealingly, there are some security operatives who have been compromised to look the other way if it comes to Melcom issues and your authoritative newspaper will expose all.
While several promotions of an upcoming news story on Melcom run on the frontpage of GHANA DAILY, so many overtures and intrigues were deployed. One big man called our editor and asked for a total blackout on Melcom. “We are doing our work sir,” was what our editor retorted.
It appears the recent directive by President Mahama will complement the efforts of GHANA DAILY reporters for the truth to be told and Melcom exposed once and for all. A trusted source last week hinted that Melcom bosses have approached them with pleas to settle any indebtedness on the quiet.

“Frantic efforts are underway to pay some monies,” a security source quipped.

Melcom Ghana Limited is not alone when it comes to tax problems. There are many Indian and Lebanese businesses who adopt crude tactics in evading taxes on a daily basis.

GHANA DAILY has the insider stories of most of all and will expose them.
Stay Tuned!

Source: GHANA DAILY newspaper/

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