Media destroying Ghana; we’ll turn our guns on them – Anyido

The media are destroying Ghana and it is about time politicians joined forces against them, Deputy General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Koku Anyidoho has said.

Contributing to a discussion on Class91.3FM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Monday May 30 about the use of abusive language in Ghanaian politics, Mr Anyidoho asked: “Is it only politicians that exist in the geographical entity called Ghana? You have religious leaders and the media.”

“In fact, very soon, we are going to turn our guns on the media because the media is now the medium that is destroying this country – the media terrorism, the media tyranny that is going on must be stopped,” he told Prince Minkah, explaining that: “… Media operators pretend that they are not politicians, but they are the worst politicians and create all the problems. Maybe politicians must now come together and direct our arsenals at the media”.

According to him, the raging “media tyranny and media terrorism” must be stopped.

Apart from the media tyranny and media terrorism Mr Anyidoho spoke against, he also denounced “civil society terrorism,” which he said was also going on “so leave the politicians out, let’s deal with the media and civil society organisations, where now civil society organisations and the media think that they must run state institutions, so, the police cannot work, the military cannot work, the Electoral Commission cannot work, the NCCE cannot work because they are not playing to the dictates of the media and the civil society organisations”.

“Since when did civil society organisations and the media forces run countries? Then let us allow the media organisations and the civil society organisations to form political parties and run for office so they are voted for,” he suggested.

Mr Anyidoho said: “As far as I’m concerned, the media is the problem this country is facing.”

“You wake up every morning, sit behind a consul and you think that you can dictate and determine the agenda for the nation, this is unfair and it’s unacceptable. The tyranny of the media, the tyranny of civil society organisations shall not be accepted,” he said.

He also accused media owners in Ghana of being the worst politicians in the country


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