Mayor of Houston, delegates embark on transformative visit to Ghana, fostered by GUBA Diaspora Network

16th August 2023

The Mayor of Houston, accompanied by a delegation of 30 esteemed representatives, embarked on an insightful and culturally enriching visit to Ghana.

Organized and skillfully coordinated by the GUBA Diaspora Network.

This monumental trip aimed to strengthen ties between Houston and Ghana, foster collaboration, and explore new horizons for trade and cultural exchange.

The journey commenced on the 21st of July, as the Mayor and his delegates touched down in Accra. The vibrant city welcomed them with open arms, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The itinerary was meticulously crafted to showcase the rich history and cultural heritage of Ghana. On Saturday, the meticulously planned itinerary continued its exploration of Ghana’s rich history and cultural heritage, with a captivating Accra City tour which included visits to iconic landmarks such as the Kwame Nkrumah Museum, W.E. Du Bois Centre, Black Star Square, and James Town.

These sites provided the delegation with a profound understanding of Ghana’s historical importance and its deep connections to the global diaspora.

The delegation again had a significant encounter with the Minister of Tourism and representatives from Freezones GEPA.

Additionally, McDan graciously hosted a business delegation at his residence.

Continuing their voyage of discovery, the delegates travelled to Cape Coast on Sunday, the 23rd of July.

The group explored the poignant history of the region, visiting Assin Manso and Cape Coast Castle, both of which bear witness to the complex history of the transatlantic slave trade.

These visits underscored the shared history between Houston and Ghana and highlighted the importance of remembrance and understanding in shaping a better future.

On Monday, the 24th of July, marked a pivotal point in the visit, as the Mayor and his delegates engaged in crucial discussions with key stakeholders. Meetings with the Minister of Energy, the US Ambassador to Ghana, and the Minister of Trade were held, facilitating constructive dialogues on economic collaboration, energy partnerships, and trade opportunities.

These meetings epitomized the proactive approach to forging meaningful connections between the two regions. The GUBA Diaspora Network played an integral role in organizing and coordinating this momentous undertaking, ensuring a seamless blend of cultural exploration, business discussions, and relationship building.


The positive outcomes of this trade mission are already evident, as ideas were exchanged, relationships were fostered, and the potential for future collaborations between Houston and Ghana was significantly enhanced. As the Mayor of Houston and his delegates conclude their transformative journey, the echoes of this visit will undoubtedly resonate for years to come.

The GUBA Diaspora Network’s dedication and meticulous planning have laid the foundation for a new era of cooperation and mutual understanding between these two dynamic regions.

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