Massive Premix Fuel Fraud in the volta region- Volta NDC


The kind of premix fuel fraud, diversion and discrimination in handling the product is not only shocking but extremely mindboggling in the history of the Volta Region.

The premix committee as established by law for the marine sector is supposed to comprise of
i. Chief fisherman
ii. Rep. of canoe owners
iii. Rep.of fish mongers
iv. One fisherman nominated by MOFA
v. A representative of the MMDCE
For the inland sector:
i. Chief fisherman
ii. Rep. of canoe owners
iii. Rep .of fish mongers
iv. One person representing the MMDCE.
The composition of the landing beach committee was thrown overboard when the NPP came into power and reconstituted with party activists without any background in fishing.
The handlers of the premix fuel in the Volta region are neck deep in massive and uncontrolled corruption especially in the Keta Municipality. The premix fuel is not sold directly to the fishers, rather to party activists who hoard the product and later sell it at exorbitant prices to the fishers. A recent case is reported at Atorkor in the Anlo constituency and Nusekpe Kope in the Keta constituency. There are also instances in Keta where premix fuel storage tanks that were locked with padlock and chain were forced open and fuel drawn by NPP party activist at night without payment.

The change in government has led to increments in the number of landing beach committees and premix fuel storage tanks in the region. Naturally this should have led to the availability of the products to the fishers; rather the products are diverted to areas such as Tema and Ashaiman than the intended destination.

The landing beach committees which are to render accounts to the fishing communities as required by law are being flouted with impunity and in some cases chief fishermen have to chase party activists to render accounts for them to take their mandatory percentage of profit as prescribed by law. In some cases party activists chased auditors out of the communities who came to audit the accounts of the premix committee; a case in point is a community in Keta. At Tapa Abotoase in the Biakoye district, fishers who are known NDC supporters are denied the right to purchase of the premix fuel thereby denying them their means of livelihood.
The atmosphere in the region today is one of general dissatisfaction among citizens and fishers, particularly with a government who pledged to fight corruption rather has its members engaged in unprecedented premix fuel scandal ever in the history of the region.

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