Mass grave stench nauseates Tafo residents

A mass grave containing about a dozen bodies has been found at the Tafo cemetery in Kumasi Thursday January 14, 2016.

Accra FM’s Abdul Rahim said a strong stench emanating from the direction of the Tafo cemetery caused residents to move there to investigate the problem. They search led them to discover a big pit containing several corpses covered with a thin sheet of polythene.

According to him, there was an indication of decomposing flesh as a foul odour filled the atmosphere around the cemetery. The smell became too strong to bear Thursday, compelling residents to move into the cemetery to find out if someone might have been killed and the body deposited there.

However, to their horror, they found a pit filled with about 12 bodies covered with polythene. Residents suspect the corpses were dumped into the pit –used for the burial of unclaimed bodies – by a garbage truck, on Sunday afternoon, which they thought came there to deposit rubbish.

The security man at the cemetery denied knowledge of how the bodies were deposited in the mass grave.

Inhabitants of Kumasi said they could not eat or stay in the area, as the stench made living there uncomfortable, and have called on the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the Environmental Protection Agency to help address the issue urgently to prevent an epidemic.

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