Man who accused Van Vicker of sleeping with his wife apologizes

Dr. Bartum Kulah, a man based in Atlanta Georgia, US who accused Ghanaian actor Van Vicker of having a sexual relationship with his wife Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah has rendered an apology to the wife and the actor.

Days back, news went viral that Van Vicker was bonking a married woman who doubled as his Manager and Business partner, news the actor denied flatly.

Dr. Bartum Kulah had earlier stated his wife with whom she had two children had no time for him and the kids but cared about travelling with Van Vicker all the time.
“She has been in Accra since Wednesday to premiere the film Skinned at the Silverbird, they will then go to Liberia to premiere the same film next Saturday, not only that but sleeping with my wife anywhere they go to premiere the movie. This is the second trip in a year. They have traveled to Haiti, Liberia, Nigeria, Ireland and multiple cities in the US. I really have evidence to show that Van Vicker is sleeping with my wife and even warned my wife on that but still they are doing it”.

Today, Mr. Batum Kulah rendered an apology via Facebook stating he allowed his “misunderstanding of a genuine professional relationship and jealousy to get the best of me”. He also stated his statements were misquoted ad embellished by the press.

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