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Man, 45, arrested for brutalizing 3-year-old son

45-year-old resident of Oseikwamekrom in the Asunafo North District of the Brong Ahafo Region, Anokye, has been arrested after he mercilessly brutalized his 3 year old son for defecating in his room.

The boy had to be hospitalized over the weekend after Anokye meted out the brutal treatment to him. The severe beatings left the boy with sores on his face, swollen lips and bruises on his body.

According to reports, the little boy had a stomach upset and since he couldn’t control himself, defecated in his father’s room.

Anokye who has divorced the boy’s mother and remarried, out of anger attacked the poor boy and lashed him until residents came to rescue the little boy.

Some residents suggest Anokye does not particularly like the little boy because he (Anokye) has become the sole guardian after the boy’s mother left the town.

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