I am still struggling to understand why people are shifting away from their own designed line of engagement concerning the comeback of John Mahama. Their argument is that John must retire from active politics because of the positions he held. I brought in the Mahathmir case to rubbish that argument.

I never said or stated anywhere that Mahathmir contested an election and lost in 2003. People seeking to become presidents need political experience to be effective leaders. Presidents are faced with politics constantly in their position and should be able to be knowledgeable enough to handle the important issues. Why should the President, the leader of the country and the decision maker for our country and its foreign relationships, go into office with no experience with power in our country. The President needs experience before taking on a major leadership position. WOULD YOU TRUST A MAN WHO WAS A STORE CLERK WITH NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE BE THE GENERAL OF THE ARMY? Happenings in the country under the current administration can lead you to the right answer. A president should at least have some experience in politics and political leadership because to enable him know how the political machine works.

I stated in one of my write-ups that it’s customary in politics to tout a candidate’s experience in government. What matters to me is a candidate’s experience and ideas for the future not how many political offices he has occupied. It’s a candidate’s vision for what government should and should not do that determines my enthusiasm for a campaign or support not the number of offices he held in the past.

Mahathmir stepped down in 2003 after many years in office. Before becoming the Prime Minister, he held other positions. At his age, the people still have confidence in him that he can deliver. They did not look at the offices he occupied in the past neither did they look at his age…The people focused on his rich experience and achievements. So, let me repeat my question here : does a surgeon need to be experienced in surgery? Most certainly they do! Why? The stakes are very high and a life depends on skill, born of experience. Likewise, a president should have some degree of experience, because , like the surgeon the stakes are too high to leave the job to someone with no foundation of knowledge or understanding of scope. At this point even facts become fictions without adequate ways of seeing the facts. We do not need theories to know the achievements of John Mahama.

At point, Ghanaians aggressively demanded the return of Nkrumah. They wanted the man they had denigrated to be brought back to lead the country. When he assumed the reigns of government, John Mahama no effort was spared to infuse new confidence in the Ghanaian. He restored order into the economy. Through prudent measures his administration overcame the perennial problem of trade imbalances. He ensured judicious control of the allocation of foreign exchange resources. Many refreshing new ideas were injected into the operations of our ministries. For the first time in many years, Ghana saw prospects for the genuine transformation of Ghana into the great nation we’ve envisaged for decades. The shattered economic foundation was built and the confidence of the people was restored.

Losing an election does not always mean an incumbent under performance. Projects implemented by Nkrumah including the ports, roads etc are still our major sources of revenue generation. No government comes near to Nkrumah’s government when it comes to infrastructure development and other achievements- his critics and opponents incited Ghanaians against his administration. What happened after his overthrow? These are the critical questions we should be asking ourselves as we embark on our anti Mahama crusade.

What is Mahama going to tell the trainee nurses and teachers? This is the propaganda being propagated around. Hope those asking this question are monitoring happenings in the country. Franklin Cudjoe described Mahama as a saint because of these post Mahama events. Happenings in the health and education sectors have vindicated Mahama and his NDC. Resource personnel, Civil Society Organisations, professional bodies and governance experts including Professor Agyemang Dua, Franklin Cudjoe, Otumfuo, have all appealed to government to take a second look at John’s approach.

What do you think?

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