Mahama didn’t deliver so his defeat didn’t surprise me – Cadman Mills

Dr Cadman Mills, brother of the late President John Evans Atta Mills has disclosed that the defeat of former President John Mahama in last year’s presidential elections did not come as a surprise to him.

According to him, considering himself as a voter, former President Mahama did not deliver to his satisfaction and thus was not surprised.

“I wasn’t surprised at all. I had pointed out to a lot of people that there was very little enthusiasm as far as the election was concerned. As a voter, as somebody from Cape Coast, he didn’t deliver. “, he stated.

Former President Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) lost heavily in the December 7 general elections receiving a sound beating in the Central Region, the home region of the late President Mills which is one of the swing regions in Ghana.

This came on the back of massive infrastructure works in the region including the flyover at Kasoa; the stadium and Kotokuraba market in the regional capital of Cape Coast.

Speaking in an interview with Bola Ray on Starr FM’s Starr Chat on Wednesday, Dr Mills, he was of the opinion that Mr Mahama’s efforts were the wrong solutions to the people’s problems.

“I think people now have major issues that were not addressed by infrastructure or by the stadium or handouts or by the market”, he explained.

For him, former President Mahama could not have delivered because he failed to appreciate the realities on the ground.

“I have a long theory about what is happening in Ghana. Ghanaians are very very disempowered. Most Ghanaians don’t believe that through their own efforts they can go anywhere. Ghanaians are suffering. Most Ghanaians that I meet are living a survivalist strategy. They are lying, they are cheating, they are cutting corners. Most of them know what they are doing is probably not right but Ghanaians are quick to go on their knees and beg you because they feel that what they are doing, they have to do to survive. This is the set if issues that I don’t think any of the political parties, by the way, addressed”.

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