M.anifest is deep – Kofi Adams

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest is “deep”, National Organiser of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Kofi Adams has said.

The ‘Someway Bi’ rapper has been locked in a lyrical give-and-take with fellow award-winning rapper Sarkodie.

The rap fight started after Sarkodie released Bossy – a track in which he self-aggrandised his rap prowess and ended with “M.anifest messer? Wo, lemme just use your dor dor dor ti dor …”

M.anifest then rebutted with his ‘God MC’ track, which has a line in it that said “Go to the market, buy yourself some manners. Don’t use my name in vain. That’s just for starters.”

The God MC track attracted a riposte from Sarkodie in a track called ‘Kanta’, which threw direct punches at M.anifest by attacking his fashion sense.

Speaking on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Wednesday, July 6 on Class 91.3FM, Mr Adams, asked by host Prince Minkah, which of the two rappers he fancied, said: “M.anifest is deep. He’s a deep thinker”.

“I think M.anifest is a great guy, I listen to some of his lyrics and truly it goes deep. It’s very deep …but maybe he has not made that big name yet, but I think he is a great guy…I am not in to measure the two of them, but M.anifest is a great guy. I won’t say that he is greater than Sarkodie or Sarkodie is greater than him, but I think that he is deep”, Mr Adams stated.

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