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I lost hope in Ghana’s future – Mustapha Hamid

Mustapha Hamid says he had lost hope in the future of Ghana until the overwhelming attendance recorded at the National Policy Summit revived his hope.

“This is a confession I am willing to make in front of the cameras that I had lost hope in this country,” he said.

This statement was made at the National policy Summit held at the Accra International Conference on Tuesday.

The former lecturer at the University of Cape Coast stated that since his time as a lecturer, students rather prefer to attend entertainment programs than to attend lectures organized by departments of the university.

“For the 7 years that I was at the University of Cape Coast, young men and women who we often say are the future of our country were never interested in academic discourse like this; a discourse that would advance the cause of our country.”

“But if you brought Shatta Wale and Sarkodie, the halls were busting to their scenes. And I felt very sad throughout my years there,” he passionately said.

“We had faculty lectures at the Faculty of Acts every Tuesday and we were literally begging students to come and listen to their professors profess knowledge and I felt very sad.”

“I kept telling myself that this country didn’t have a future but quite frankly my hope has been revived” the minister added.

He expressed his joy for the kind of discourse that the policy makers engaged the public in and also took the opportunity to appreciate the effort of his deputy minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, in organizing the program.

Mustapha expressed his excitement for the new direction and definition he has given to the ministry of information.

“I have no regrets at all for redefining what a Ministry of Information in any country as far as I am concerned should do.”

“So those who are looking forward that I am here to attack the NDC and insult people who criticize our government I’m sorry to disappoint you. I want to stick to constructive conversation and engagements that will advance the cause of our country,” he said.

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