Lordina branded chocolate sparks controversy

The decision by government to brand some ‘Golden Tree’ chocolate with the image of the First Lady, Lordina Mahama, has generated so much controversy on social media.

While some Ghanaians brand the move as a needless hero-worshipping action, others see it as waste of national resources particularly when the issue of the GH C3.6 million MMT rebranding scandal is still fresh on the minds of Ghanaians.

Even though, government has not officially commented on the issue, Presidential Aide, Stan Dogbe has vehemently defended the move saying, “there’s nothing untoward, unnecessary, criminal or fraudulent about that”.

Contributing to a debate on the issue on the Facebook page of Selorm Brantie, a renowned social media activist, Mr Dogbe revealed that the First Lady branded ‘Golden Tree’ chocolate were presented as gifts to school children and orphanages across the country.

“…The first lady and first family in similar vein have produced these chocolates and distributed to school children and orphanages across the country. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last. They could have placed on them NDC logos but they did them as the first family. Through these, children who ordinarily won’t taste chocolate get to taste them.

There’s nothing untoward, unnecessary, criminal or fraudulent about that. CPC is paid for the chocolates including the cost of printing the wrappers. The chocolates are not a dash. With the current stock, we even had to pay upfront for the production.

If by giving out these chocolates, it is promoting the president and his wife, and you are concerned, you can also go produce some and share. After all, you have Nana’s images on take away packs and others have them on liquid washing soaps. Even dead people have their image put on water bottles and take away packs,” Mr. Dogbe argued.

One of the branded chocolates has the inscription,” Mother of the Nation” with the First Lady being addressed as H.E Lordina Dramani Mahama . The other one has the image of the First Lady holding two adorable kids.

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