Letter To Zanetor Rawlings -Hon Dzifa Gomashie

Dear Zanetor,

Trust you are doing well.
We met in the early 90’s when I produced By the Fireside….the rest of that story is history.

In your adult life now, and especially in your political life, we have met again. With me as a Deputy Minister and you as a Parliamentary Candidate for the National Democratic Congress.

Yesterday I saw pictures of the Congress to elect the flag bearer of a party. I don’t know how you were feeling or what you were thinking. I will say…”a penny for your thoughts”, as the saying goes, but, I will modify it rather and say, ” a billion for your thoughts.

On my part, I was really confused. I trust you know what you are doing. You must be strong. I know you are…seeing you train with the …. many years ago and seeing how mentally mature you were, I should have no fears…but alas, I do.

My memories of you as a child is of a very respectful and charming girl. I remember you at the parade at the Military Academy and Training School when something nearly went wrong and how you calmly but bravely righted that wrong. You have still got that charm around you and hopefully that bravery too.

For the daughter of a President, you carry yourself very well. Your humility and respect for people older than you is admirable. I have seen and worked with some very proud and sometimes hotheaded children of Secretaries of State.

There are somethings we don’t get to chose. Neither do we have control over some aspects of our lives… me becoming a Deputy Minister. ..imagine!. But there are some things we can choose.

So, yesterday, i decided to pray for you. I will continue to really pray for you. Remain strong mentally. Be focused. Remain blessed and may the darkness indeed stop for your light to shine….Za ne tor!


Through Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo Hawa Odametey Hawa Odametey and Kofi Adams.

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