Mr.President, I write to applaud you for the good works that you have done. Although Many do not understand the plan of Take Off in the development process, as a student who is undertaking B.A Integrated Development Studies In UDS WA Campus, I believe your Continuity would have been a good Opportunity For the Ghanaian Population. Although Ghanaians may not see the qualities you posses and Foundation you Laid, I would not be Surprise to See you At the International Stage (UN).

The UN Believe in you that is Why you Were Appointed as the Co Chairman To Champion SDGs. You are a Man and a Leader who is Humble,Although the People do not See…A man who is Confident yet the People Turn away…A man of Peace Yet the people do not Feel Home…. You have been Tested Your Excellency.

A Scholar once said…”If you want to know the True Character of Man,Give Him Power and Wealth”. You have been Tested Mr.President.
Leadership is always Like a two sides of a Coin-Is either the People fall blind to your work and Turn away in ignorance or Others Will appreciate your Efforts.

Naturally others will see it and Push it down.
As a Young Budding Leader, I have always monitored your Speeches and Efforts Towards the Progress of Ghana and your Efforts To the International Community.

Let’s Say God/Allah Knows Best to Keep you away from the Presidency. It is Either The People See and appreciate your Efforts or Annul them base on the performance of the Elected One.

As I watch UTV on 18-12-2016 Night News, I wept and Fell For Your Humbleness When you Offered Nana Addo Danquah a Seat for You To Address the Transition Team.

I also Heard Your Wonderful Closing Remarks at The ECOWAS Congregation and How Positive were the Response from your Colleague Leaders. You Could Read from their Faces that Ghanaians are letting Go of a priceless Individual.

You May Take Your leave Sir, but as you are away be mindful that you have People who are Counting on you and they Live to see you One day Even Not In Ghana But a Place were People Will appreciate your Efforts.

Conceding Defeat Is not your Weakness,.but it only shows How Courageous you are and How Submissive, Concern and Just you are. Others May Say You had no Choice, but I will say that It takes a courageous Leader or Man to stand firm For what appears to be a weakness in the Face of the Majority.
I pray Gambia Is able to Resolve their Crises under your Chairmanship and am certain that In Shaa Allah it will be Counted as Part of Your Achievements To the International Community.
Indeed History(Great People) will Judge you.

Your Excellency, This Write Up is the least I can say to Say thank you. Thank you For Reading.
(Thank you)
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