Fellow Akatamansonias,a new dawn has been open in the annals of our great party through this internal parliamentary and Presidential elections.

As we go into the Polls,let’s be guided by this adage that united we stand,divided we fall.

To my colleagues electorates ,this process has given us an opportunity to collectively own the party. The party through the National Executive Committee has restored the “Peoples Power” concept which gave birth to our party. We have the opportunity to correct the wrongs in which we have talked over all these years.

Let’s take the opportunity to elect winnable candidates. Personalities who will be assets for the party and the Nation in Parliament, and above all candidates whose stature and public conduct will help galvanized more votes for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama come November 7th ,2016.

Let’s eschew personal, religious and tribal associations we have established with these candidates but look up to both the winnable interest of the party and that of Ghana.

To my brothers and sisters who are contesting, let’s have faith and hope in the process and encourage our supporters to accept the verdict after close of contest since our exercise will be by far the most credible internal party elections to be organized in Ghana.
Be mindful that our biggest enemy isn’t our internal contestants but the destructive elephants remnants.

As a party ,let this exercise renew our unflinching desire to make sure His Excellency John Mahama wins a one touch victory in the November 7, 2016 by demonstrating it in the overwhelming votes He receive by the close of the exercise.
Above all the spirit of comradeship guide our conduct.
Long Live NDC
Long Live Ghana
Thank You

Mr George Addo(aka.Dr Pepper)
Former NDC Japan Chairman & Central Region NDC International Relations Officer.

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