LET THE PROPHESIES GO ON -Anthony Obeng Afrane

Years ago, in my father’s hometown, Adansi Bodwesango in the Adansi Asokwa Constituency, something interesting happened. Opanin Yaw Adu had a brother called Nimo; it happened that Opanin Adu became ill and went to the clinic. After some tests and diagnosis, the doctor exclaimed: “You have Pneumonia!”

Opanin Adu’s jaw dropped in surprise, and asked how the doctor got to know that he is Nimonua (brother of Nimo). “Doctor” he asked, “are you a prophet too?”

The mention of “prophet” here reminds me of some prophets who sprang up months to the 2016 elections. There has never been a time in our history when more prophets could twist prophesies, politicise prophesies, and make nonsense of prophesies. Their prophetic precisions were awful; their political colours were obvious, and their integrity doubtful. I feel testy and tetchy.

That notwithstanding, I doff my hat off for my pastor, he was spot on. He advised against prophesying in favour of a particular political party even if it has been revealed by God, since that could pose a security challenge.

The shocking thing is that while others were prophesying war and bloodshed, he said that the 2016 elections were going to be the most peaceful in the history of our nation because whoever wins will do so overwhelmingly that the results would be indisputable. I heard him loud and clear. He repeated his message on some radio stations as well. If you care to know, he is Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye of the Makers Chapel. That young man is a gift to the world!

Coming back to my main subject, many prophets on the eve of New Year made prophetic declarations of what is in store for us this year, notable among them is Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi. Excerpts of his prophesies are as follow:

1. I see frequent fire outbreak all over Ghana
2. Things to get tougher in Ghana
3. Many businesses will collapse
4. I see the return of dumsor in Ghana
5. I see fuel price rising and the masses helpless over it
6. Salaries will be reviewed in Ghana and it will affect many, negatively.
7. Ghana will face telecommunication crisis
8. There will be so many labour agitations in Ghana
9. Cocaine business will rise in Ghana

On the last item on the list, I stifled a laugh, and told myself, “Kikikikiki, Baba God you don’t need to tell us this one; it’s a mathematical certainty!”

After reading Prophet Kobi’s prophesies, I felt groggy, swallowed hard and braced myself to hear the worst from Prophet Dr. Apostle Isaac Owusu-Bempah: and my instinct did not fail me. He dropped the bombshell that there would be terrorist attack and a coup d’tat in Ghana in 2017! I felt queasy.

But on second thought, I want to believe Prophet Owusu-Bempah because if Prophet Badu Kobi’s gloomy prophetic declarations should come true, life could be excruciatingly hard for the people of Ghana; and this can trigger a coup d’tat. It’s my prayer it doesn’t happen. Absolutely nothing can be compared with our comfort and peace.

Eish, I feel like taking a comfortable lead in the spirit. Haya yaya, baba sokoto kaya, mama mama, paper, mama mama.

Oosh, the clouds are starting to build up, and the air is holding the crisp promise of interesting things to come. Let the prophesies go on; and I want to prophesy too: Ghana will profoundly miss JM; and as my two-year old grand daughter will say, “Mama Onaapo.”

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