Kwesi Nyantakyi’s Parliamentary Bid Clouded by Allegations of Corruption and Akufo Addo’s Influence

Social media users are saying Kwesi Nyantakyi is corrupt and doesn’t deserve to go to Parliament and represent the people of Ejisu. However, due to his alleged influence over the president and having the presidency inside his pocket he may still succeed.


Social media is ablaze with accusations of corruption against Kwesi Nyantakyi, FIFA Council member and aspiring parliamentary candidate for Ejisu. Despite widespread condemnation, concerns mount over his potential success fueled by alleged ties to the presidency.

Nyantakyi, a central figure in the Ghanaian football scene, faces damning allegations following the release of the documentary “When Greed and Corruption Become the Norm” by undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The exposé captures Nyantakyi purportedly accepting a $65,000 bribe from a businessman seeking to secure a sponsorship deal worth $15 million over three years for the Ghanaian football league.

Critics argue that Nyantakyi’s involvement in such activities disqualifies him from representing the people of Ejisu in Parliament. Social media platforms have become battlegrounds, with users vehemently denouncing his candidacy and questioning his integrity.

Of particular concern is Nyantakyi’s alleged influence over the presidency, with rumors circulating that he holds considerable sway within the highest echelons of power. Despite these allegations, Nyantakyi’s bid for parliamentary seat persists, raising eyebrows and intensifying public scrutiny.

With Nyantakyi’s poster appearing in Ejisu, signaling his intent to contest in the upcoming by-elections, the controversy surrounding his candidacy shows no signs of abating. As the electorate grapples with these revelations, the integrity of both the electoral process and the candidates themselves hangs in the balance.


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