Kweku Baako Knows Only Accra- Koku Anyidoho

“His world exists around the Coffee Shop, his house at Labone, Metro TV, Joy FM and Peace FM. That is his world in Accra”.

Deputy General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress, Koku Anyidoho has lash out strongly at the Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako of limiting his assessment of the John Mahama government to only happenings in the nation’s capital, Accra.

In a no holds barred interview with Accra based Radio Gold, the tough talking former Mills’ presidential spokesperson said, Kweku Baako is ignorant of President Mahama’s exploits in other parts of the country.

He opined that the veteran journalist and one time journalist of the year does not travel outside Accra, adding that Kweku Baako is ignorant of the massive developments taking place simultaneously across the country.

“His world exists around the Coffee Shop, his house at Labone, Metro TV, Joy FM and Peace FM. That is his world in Accra,” Koku noted

Mr Anyidoho asserted that, the only time Kweku Baako travels “he is going abroad on a holiday and when he is there, he will be sending text messages to Kwame Sefa Kayi to be reading on Peace FM.”

His comment was in reaction to the Managing Editor’s recent slighting of some Chiefs for endorsing President Mahama of which he has since apologized after coming under barrage of criticism.

“Any chief who has gone out there to categorically endorse a president is not wise. No wise chief speaks that way. These chiefs go out there and cannot just commend government for the projects they have embarked on which are benefiting their people, but proceed beyond that to endorse them; it is so irritating,” Mr. Baako stated.

But Koko Anyidoho said Kweku Baako exposed himself by insulting Chiefs for endorsing President John Mahama for his good works, insisting that his position was myopic, influenced by selfish interest and exposes his hypocrisy.
“Kweku Baako must have forgotten how he used to enjoy under President Kufuor. Maybe Kweku Baako was very wise in those days when he was celebrating his 50th birthday in Japan, when President Kufuor went on a state sponsored trip to Japan and those days they had no respect for Ghanaians so they couldn’t be bothered. And he splashed the pictures in the Daily Guide. I remember those pictures vividly. He was very wise when they used the back door to make him ‘Journalist of the Year’; he was very wise” a livid Anyidoho retorted on Radio Gold”.

He added; “When Kufuor was putting big chains around his neck and the likes of Sefa Kayi and co, I am sure Kweku Baako jnr. was full of wisdom. They are not following President Mahama around to celebrate their birthday abroad oooo, or following President Mahama around on state trips to go and sleep in the Waldorf Astoria and other expensive hotels…

The Chiefs are just humbly thanking the President for bringing development to their area and Kweku Baako says these Chiefs are foolish? The Chiefs and the good people of Ghana thank Kweku Baako for his insults.”

Meanwhile, Kweku Baako, who had initially staunchly defended his comments has since been compelled on Newsfile on Joy FM to retract and apologize for the unguarded comment deemed an insult to chiefs, “First of all, I did not single out any particular chief, but of course some chiefs have been talking, so, I expect people to have been looking at those chiefs. If people think my language, choice of words, the kind of language I used, [were] offensive and hurt their sensibilities and sensitivities, I sincerely and humbly apologize for the choice of words.”

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