Former President Mahama has condemned the Kumasi shooting incident which left one dead and another person seriously wounded.

The former President made the condemnation in a short statement posted on his Facebook wall. He described that horrendous act of violence as crime against humanity and called on the security agencies to institute full scale investigation into the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.

Historically, it has been proven that ruling parties with huge majority have resulted flawed if not highly authoritarian political decisions and actions, which have hurt the polity in a number of ways.

In a democracy and one as chaotic as ours in recent times, it is well established that political parties with huge majorities and weak oppositions have adversely impacted on the growth and fortunes of the nation in many crucial issues.

Hence, while it is important that the Npp government should have the confidence of the majority of Ghanaians,there should also be a credible and effective opposition, so that any propensities for forcing agenda that may be harmful for the nation are kept in check. This is the reason why the former President should be encouraged and supported by the citizenry, civil society organizations, the religious groups and heads to offer constructive opposition to keep government on its toes.

The former President has shown leadership by openly condemning the Kumasi incident and calling on the police to institute full scale investigation into the matter to unravel the full facts and punish the culprits. This is the king of leadership the continent needs. The former President undertakes what needs to be done today without excessive regrets over the past and without excessive anxiety about the future. He has a reasonably objective altitude towards reality. These show that he has developed the habit of adjustment and adaptation to any circumstances.

His composure and reaction to national issues in opposition show he can navigate everyday challenges as well as unique trying challenges.

He has managed to portray the NDC as a credible alternative government, rather than being a disunited rabbles. Technically and politically, he has proven that he is the best prepared person to lead his party.

Democracy needs vibrant but responsible opposition. Opposition does not translate to hostility and antagonism. We are blessed as people to have a the former President and other level headed opposition activists who boldly speak against wrongs in the country.

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