Kudos To Kwaku Kwarteng For Speaking The Truth!!! -Koku Anyidoho

There is no denying the fact that, the truth is difficult to tell!
I have suffered lots of revolting attacks from deep within the belly of the NDC only because on countless occasions, I continue to tell the truth and damn the consequences.

I do not claim to be the most truthful person on earth; far from that. I do not claim to be saint; indeed I can never be one!

I however believe that it is always good to hold on to certain basic principles of being truthful as much as possible to my conscience and beliefs and I shall NEVER depart from saying what is right by my conscience and training.

The truth hurts; but it is the only medication that gives longevity to human existence.

I am doffing my hat for Kwaku Kwarteng today because he has been bold enough to do something that is right by his conscience, but which will surely not sit well with some of his colleagues as well as Party members.

Kwaku Kwarteng, Deputy Ministers of Finance.
My commendation for Kwaku Kwarteng, stems from the fact that, he has been bold enough to throw away the despicable propaganda seeking to pat Dr. Bawumia on the back for securing a $19 billion facility for Ghana on his recent visit to China.

As usual, The Daily Guide is in the forefront of the ignoble propaganda when it bannered yesterday with the burlesque story of some $19 billion magically coming the way of Ghana.

The Daily Guide, continues to think that Ghanaians have sawdust in our heads and will not be able to see through the lies that are published to make Akufo-Addo look very good, when the majority of Ghanaians know that he is virtually a NAKED President.

Kwaku Kwarteng, who is one of the Deputy Ministers of Finance, has been bold to state emphatically that Ghanaians should ignore any story doing the rounds to the effect that Ghana has secured a $19 billion Chinese Facility.

Indeed, The Daily Guide sought to create the false impression that the Chinese Government has already disbursed $2 billion to Ghana; but Kwaku Kwarteng has also shot down this evil deception.

I am saluting Kwaku Kwarteng because I know that he is going to get a lot of bashing from some of the empty-heads, praise-singers, as well as banal minds, in the NPP, who believe that politics is all about lies and falsehood.

I have been down this road several times and so out of experience, I most certainly know what I am talking about.

Ghana’s delegation exchanging pleasantries with Chinese Vice President, Li Yuanchao.
There are those who think that politics is all about towing blind Party political lines, and that there must be no space for TRUTH in politics.

Such persons believe that it is wrong to tell the truth and that at all times, we must use the tools of, deception and deceit, to pull veils over obvious untruths and pretend that all things are working perfectly.

Very often, some of us politicians believe that those who do not openly wear the gowns of politics, are not discerning and therefore do not have the mental capacity to read through our actions and inactions.

Some of us politicians refuse to wake up to the realisation that we dig graves for ourselves by abusing the intelligence of the electorate with the cock-and-bull rationalisation and justification of our negative actions and inactions.

Kwaku Kwarteng has succeeded in letting Ghanaians know that Bawumia’s trip to China has not produced any magic, and that Ghanaians will still have to bear the heavy cross that Akufo-Addo’s confused and non-performing Government continues to hang around the neck of Ghanaians.

Kwaku Kwarteng has stated the fact that what exists is only a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), which may, or may not, come into fruition.

Even if the Chinese are prepared to give Ghana $19 billion in just one tranche; will be it for free?

Will it not come at a huge cost to the taxpayers?

Who does not know that before the Chinese part with such a huge sum of money, they will not be holding on to our key natural resources which they will price abnormally low to their supreme advantage?

In other words, in the unlikely event that the Chinese ever release any such money, Ghanaians should be ready to mortgage all our key natural resources to them for a pittance.

So, it is the case that The Daily Guide and the NPPs’ empty-headed praise-singers now believe in borrowing to fund projects huh?

A few months ago, did the NPP not hit the roofs telling the whole world that it is only “idiots” who go for loans to develop a nation?

Did the NPP not run through the rafters telling the whole world that they had all the brains to find money locally to give meaning to all their “Mills & Boons” promises and that they SHALL NEVER look outside for any funding to operate?

So, if a few months ago, it was an act of “gross idiocy” to seek outside assistance to fund developmental projects, is Ghana not now dealing with a worse case of “gross idiocy”, considering the speed at which the NPP is monstrously seeking outside support?

President-Nana-Addo-Dankwa-Akufo-AddoThe other day, when I heard Bawumia asking our Muslim brothers to PRAY for he and Akufo-Addo to be able to manage the affairs of State, I just said to be myself; “Naniama!!!”.

Were we not told that Bawumia is a whiz-kid when it comes to managing the Economy of Ghana?

Was Bawumia not touted as having the magic wand to turn the Ghanaian economy around within seconds of being sworn-in as Vice President?

And he is now asking for prayers? Ah! Ah! Ah!

Does Bawumia now believe in prayers?

What kinds of revolting insults did Akufo-Addo, Bawumia and the NPP not hurl at the late President Atta Mills when he openly declared that he believed in PRAYERS?

Was President Atta Mills not openly castigated for holding Prayer Sessions at the Castle to seek the Face of God to manage the affairs of State?

Recently, when delivering his maiden May Day listless speech, did Akufo-Addo not say shockingly that “Ghanaian workers pray too much?”.

So, what has suddenly changed, such that Bawumia, will be asking for prayers?

Surely, Akufo-Addo and Bawumia led a campaign that was wrought with heavy ill-wishes against the State and the then NDC Government, and they are now paying a very high price for their SINS.

Ghana has taken millions of steps backwards since the 7th of January, 2017, when the Leadership mantle was handed over to Akufo-Addo, and it will take a miracle to get Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana out of this gargantuan quagmire of a failed and confused leadership.

Akufo-Addo has now become a “Visiting President” who is more interested in travelling on useless trips abroad because of the HUGE PER DIEM that he and his followers make out of such trips.

Truth be told; Akufo-Addo has MESSED-UP Ghana big time!!!

Akufo-Addo-2It is not that we did not know Akufo-Addo has no superior mind-set to govern Ghana; people voted for him for some real and strange reasons, and we are now paying a very high price for it.

Akufo-Addo asked us to “Try Me and See”, to wit “Mmun Sor me wher”, and we are paying a high price for gambling with the destiny of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana by experimenting with this kind of voyeurism.

Well … now that people like Kwaku Kwarteng are beginning to run away from the parodying propaganda of the NPP, and using their God-given brain cells to stand up to the internal lies and its potential tidal-wave-like destruction of the Akufo-Addo led farting Administration, there may be some hope that it is not all the elephants that are clownish animals operating in a Circus.

I just pray that Kwaku Kwarteng does not buckle under the pressure of any forms of internal NPP Party repugnant politics, and begin to swing his tongue in the wrong direction. Any attempt by Kwaku Kwarteng to change his line of thought on this matter, SHALL forever pan him out as a SPINELESS homo sapien!

Once again, a big KUDOS to Kwaku Kwarteng for exposing the insipid junk-of-a-story that The “GUIDELESS” Daily Guide sought to push down the throat of the Nation via that useless $19 billion UNINTELLIGENT FABRICATION!

I rest my case for now and pray we can meet again next week around more comfortable circumstances under the shade-giving Umbrella.

Hastaluego Amigos.


What do you think?

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