Konkomba Youth For NDC Fires IMANI Ghana Boss And Congratulate Hon Oti Bless

The Konkomba Youth for the National Democratic Congress has taken the opportunity to once again congratulate Hon John Kwabena Oti Bless who happens to be the Member of Parliament for the people of Nkwanta North Constituency for his splendid performance at the Vetting Committee Yesterday.

Hon John Oti Bless

According to the group, the Hon MP proved to the whole country he is very well qualified to be chosen as the Deputy Minister for the Local Government and Rural Development position. Looking at the questions and the answers he gave out to the committee alone was enough to tell anyone that the Hon Member was fit for the position and not new to the sector he has been listed to occupy.

Speaking to the President of the group Mr. Believer Mumuni Likpalmor whether he has heard a contrary view of their assertion of the Hon Members performance from the Director of IMANI Ghana Franklin Cudjoe asking the President of the Republic of Ghana to withdraw the name of Hon John Oti Bless since he could not even made his name clear to the committee, he said yes, he had. And this was his response through your reliable

”I see Mr Franklin Cudjoe, excuse my language, to be displaying total ignorance in this sense. Why am I saying this? For a man of his calibre to stoop that low in his submission of the Hon Member’s performance on the vetting Committee is very disturbing and worrisome. Arrangement of names, is ones own discretion. You cant disqualify anyone from attaining a position base on his name arrangement as far as he can prove to you the name is his real name. We in the Konkomba Youth For the NDC is looking for a single person who could be bold and say the Hon Member did not do well in the questions relating to the Position H.E John Dramani Mahama has nominated him for. Trust me, all the members on the Committee irrespective of their political colours were enthused with the answers he gave them in connection with his job at the Local Government sector. This is what intellectuals should be looking out for and not name arrangements. If the constitution allows even an illiterate to hold a public office then why will any one sit somewhere to claim Hon Oti Bless should be withdrawn from the list because he did not arrange his name well or have this or that attached to his documents?. Its high time, we look at the input people can offer to our nation building and stop trivializing every thing” Mr Believer reiterated.

The Konkomba Youth For the NDC also thanked each and every one who came in their numbers to witness and support the Hon Member of Parliament Oti Bless on the vetting day. They thanked all their chiefs from across Ghana who were present to support their son and also thanked all the youth groups who were there to support Hon John Kwabena Oti Bless.



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