PPP/Dr. Nduom Plagiarising the Ideas of APC/Dr. Hassan Ayariga

First and foremost, the leadership of APC extends our congratulation to the PPP and Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom for a successful National Convention and equally welcomes Dr. Nduom to this year Presidential race.

We have carefully listened to the message delivered by the PPP 2016 Presidential Candidate under the theme “Jobs for Every Ghanaian through Competent and Incorruptible Leadership”.

There is an urgent need for APC to set the records straight for the clear understanding of PPP Leadership, Ghanaians and at least for the sake of accurate facts and political history.

These are the responses of APC to PPP and Dr. Nduom:

1. Eradication of Winner Takes All:
Dr. Hassan Ayariga was the first political leader to champion the campaign against Winner-takes-all in our body politics and further demonstrated his commitment towards the total eradication of winner-takes-all through the Mission Statements of APC.
Dr. Hassan Ayariga and the APC have five clear stated missions for the establishment of the Party and our first mission statement is: To put an end to the political syndrome of winner-takes-all in our body politics.

2. All Inclusive Government:

APC is the Only Registered Political Party in Ghana that has its motto as ALL INCLUSIVE GOVERNANCE. This clearly demonstrates the preparedness, truthfulness, reality and unflinching commitment of Dr. Hassan Ayariga Presidency of ensuring All Inclusive Government than Dr. Nduom or any other Presidential Candidate in Ghana.

To buttress and affirmed our All Inclusive Governance Concept, Dr. Hassan Ayariga adopted a unique political ideology of Liberal Socialism, an ideology which is a hybrid of Capitalism and Socialism. To further support Dr. Hassan Ayariga political maturity and commitment towards the full implementation of All Inclusive Government, the second mission statement of All People’s Congress(APC) is: To empower Ghanaians especially the youth socio-economically and financially through the selfless platform of All Inclusive Governance Concept.

Even our Slogan fully confirms this mission statement:
APC: Power to the People!
APC: Nkabomu Ne Biakoye!
APC: All Inclusive Governance!

To demonstrate our strong desire for All Inclusive Government, the theme for our National Delegates Congress was “Come on board; let’s build Ghana Together”. Dr. Hassan Ayariga’s love for All Inclusive Government made him to settled on “Come on board; let’s safeguard our Birth Right and build Ghana Together” as the theme for his current Nationwide Tour.
3. APC Wise Counsel to Dr. Nduom:
We in APC Family are very happy that the older generation of Dr. Nduom is now appreciating, learning and adopting the progressive, pragmatic, innovative and vibrant ideas from Dr. Hassan Ayariga who belongs to the younger generation of transformation leaders.
As Dr. Hassan Ayariga always says “They are permitted to copy my ideas But they must copy it well”
4. APC Questions for Dr. Nduom:
a) How can PPP eradicate winner-takes-all when clearly nothing is said about it in your so called 10-points agenda, PPP Constitution and PPP Mission/Vision Statements?

b) How will PPP effectively and efficiently implements All Inclusive Government when your motto is just “Awake” with “Hot Sun” as your symbol?
c) How can PPP achieve eradication of winner-takes-all and All Inclusive Government when your Party does not understand and properly believes in Liberal Socialism?

5. Dr. Hassan Ayariga is the Only Presidential Candidate who is more committed to All Inclusive Government and Eradication of Winner-takes-All:
From Broom as its symbol to All People’s Congress (APC) as Party to the motto of All Inclusive Governance to the slogan of Power to the People-Nkabomu Ne Biakoye-All Inclusive Governance and to the ideology of Liberal Socialism which is an antidote to winner-takes-all in the body politics of Ghana, there is only one Leader in Ghana who fully appreciates, believes and understand the proper Concept of All Inclusive Governance and the need to abolish winner-takes-all and that Leader is Dr. Hassan Ayariga(Founder/Leader & 2016 Presidential Candidate) of All People’s Congress(APC).
Razak Kojo Opoku
General Secretary

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