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Kofi Buah commended for construction of toilet facility to ease open defecation

The Chiefs and people of Bobrama Community in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region have commended the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah for the construction of a 18-seater toilet facility to ease indiscriminate open defecation in the area.

This fishing Community (Bobrama) had been in fire need of toilet facility for so many years and this situation had been forcing residents to cross the main highway to bushes and also visit beaches to ease themselves.

Several appeals were made to Authorities in the District to come to their aid but none came to their assistance until recently the Chief wrote a letter of request to the MP for support and the MP pledged to provide a toilet facility for the community.

The MP through his ‘My Community, My Priority Against Open Defecation’ initiative on Friday, August 7, 2020, commissioned and handed over a 18-seater Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit toilet facility for the Bobrama fishing Community.

The toilet facility has been divided into two for both males and females.

Speaking at a handing over ceremony amidst Coronavirus safety protocols, the Odikro of the Bobrama fishing community, Nana Ekye II thanked the MP for honouring their request.

The Chief bemoaned how they were struggling to have a public place of convenience, adding that the new toilet facility would go a long to end the open defecation menace in the area.

He prayed to God to help and bless the MP for the kind gesture and appealed to the MP to remember the community anytime they call on him for support.

“We will thank Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah for this project because when we requested for the toilet facility from him, he didn’t turn his back against us”, he acknowledged.

“Henceforth we will not ease ourselves at the beaches an in the bushes. We will thank him and we pray to God to bless him to help us always”, he said.


Nana Ekye II, therefore, seized the atmosphere, and pledged to ensure that the facility is maintained to prolong its life span.

He also cautioned his people to stop ease themselves around the facility and use it wisely so that visitors could also use it without complaining.

“If we don’t look at it well, it will spoil, Armah Kofi-Buah has spent a lot of money on this toilet facility so we will not allow the facility to spoil very soon, we will make good use of it and make sure it benefits all residents here and visitors”, he stated.

He concluded, “I am very grateful for what Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah has done for us and this is unprecedented in the history of this town that an MP has built a toilet facility for us”.

On his part, the Member of Parliament MP for the area, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah thanked the community for providing their communal support to the project to be completed on schedule.

“When the Chief told me to help them to get new toilet facility, I pledged to support them because open defecation is not good and I always speak against it and in fact when I started the construction, the community provided a communal support for the project to be completed and commissioned on time, I will thank the Chief and his people for their support”, he acknowledged.

The MP urged other Chiefs and Communities to emulate from the Chiefs and people of Bobrama by providing communal support to any project someone wants to construct for.

“I will use this opportunity to thank the Chief and his people, and this this every Community is supposed to do and I will call on the Chief and people of Bobrama to support me to do more development for them”, he stressed.

He seized the opportunity, to tout some of the projects he had done for the community and other communities within the District.

He said every community in Ellembelle could attest to what he and his NDC government had done for them.

He mentioned the provision of Ellembelle Food Bank, Ellembelle Ederly Care Center, Ellembelle Mobile Clinic, construction of Ghana Gas Facility at Atuabo, construction of some major roads and township roads, construction of school classroom blocks, construction of 32 CHPs compounds among others.

“Nana, every Community that you will visit in Ellembelle, you will see a mark or more there that I and my NDC government did”.

He appealed to the community folks to rally behind Mr. John Mahama and NDC to return to power come December 7 to continue their good works for Ellembelle and Nzema as a whole.

The MP disclosed that the only political party that think about Nzemas when in power is the NDC and assured them that the next John Mahama-led government would think about them and continue with the construction of Atuabo Free Port.

“Right now, I am in opposition but I have managed to build this toilet facility for you (Chief) and hopefully the NDC led by John Mahama is coming to power again and more developmental projects will come to this place called Bobrama and I will urge everybody here to support the NDC to come to power to continue its good works”

Peaceful Election

Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah who was the then Energy and Petroleum Minister under John Mahama-led government took the opportunity to urge the residents to be peaceful and tolerant ahead of the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.

He charged them not to allow this year’s election and campaign to destroy the existing core values in the Ellembelle Constituency.

Charity they say starts at home, the NDC MP urged his party members to be law-abiding and disciplined people and be measured in their utterances before, during and after the Elections.

“We are in an election season but it doesn’t mean we should destroy our values in Ellembelle, we should not throw our values away because of elections and first of all, I will beg all NDC members to be very disciplined in this oolitical season, we have to be measured in our daily utterances because we will by all means finish this year’s election…the people of Ellembelle have decided long time so we the people of Bobrama should know that we don’t have anywhere to go. If we don’t see ourselves as one people of Bobrama before NDC, NPP, after the election we can’t be together, we have to be patients towards this Election”, he advised and concluded.


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