Kofi Agyepong- NPP Communications Directorate, writes

Akufo addo

“In the early part of 2008 (As a Journalist working for the Accra Daily Mail), I was part of the late Prof. Mills two day tour of Cape Coast and its environs. On our way back to Accra from the Tour, the Land cruiser which Prof. Mills was in had Fuel shortage. We had to wait for almost 30minutes before some NDC constituency officers nearby brought us two gallons of fuel.
Lessons: When the People want Change, your current position does not matter much.”

Well, in 2008, the NDC was not demonizing their chairman, General Secretary and over 500 officers of the party.

In 2008, NDC was not stealing from the coffers of their party. At least they had to wait to win power to ‘better Ghana’ their lives

In 2008, their presidential candidate was not shielding corrupt people in the party

In 2008, their Ashanti Regional Chairman will not send thugs to beat up NDC members who expressed dissent. People like MTN of Krobo are witnesses.GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com

In 2008, they were not raising funds and putting it in personal bank accounts. They will not set up an off shore account for proceeds in fundraising to be deposited.

In 2008, they were not operating Family and Friends. Even Rawlings’ could not influence internal elections. Parliamentary primaries were not skewed to favor any particular candidate unlike the pension gift given to Hon. KT Hammond, Ursula Owusu and Phillip Addison

In 2008, the NDC was focused on the NPP alone.

In 2008, their Presidential candidate will not carry himself as some President sitting in his mansion for people to come and worship
In 2008, despite the ill health of their presidential candidate, he was seen with the poor people in society.

So Kofi, NDC may be broke then financially, they had the mentality in winning the elections.

If your Presidential candidate will not value the importance of Akwasidae to the people of his strong hold, then you need an Obinim fasting 7 days to rise to the occasion.

What do you think?

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