Kintampo NPP Youth Reject Nomination of MCE


We are the coalition of NPP Youth Groups comprising of the above mentioned Youth Groups in the Kintampo North Municipality of the Brong Ahafo Region.
Our attention has been drawn to a report on the supposed nomination of the Municipal Chief Executive for Kintampo North Municipal Assembly, which indicates that the expected name of the right nominee is missing. Nine people applied for the position of Municipal Chief Executive for Kintampo North, which were shortlisted to two after the regional vetting for the national vetting. The two shortlisted were the Parliamentary candidate for the 2016 elections, Hon. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles whose performance was quite remarkable due to his hard work and dedication to the party and Mr. Michael Sarkodie Baffoe who abandoned the party after losing the NPP Parliamentary Primaries in 2015.

The report indicated that Mr. Michael Sarkodie Baffoe who did not work for the party after losing the primaries is to be nominated as the MCE for Kintampo North instead of the Parliamentary Candidate, Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles who used all resources available to him to campaign for the party during the just ended general election.
We are by this release bringing to the notice of His Excellency Nana Addo
Dankwa Akufo Addo the President of the Republic of Ghana, that the said Mr.
Michael Sarkodie Baffoe is an absentee member of the party. He never took part in the party activities at any level in the just ended general elections in the constituency. He also never contributed his money towards the constituency campaign before and during the 2016 general elections.

Nonetheless, the reports coming suggest that the hierarchy has settled on nominating Mr. Michael Sarkodie Baffoe as MCE for Kintampo North Municipal.
Among the reasons given that necessitates that Mr. Michael Sarkodie be given the post instead of Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles include the following;

1. Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles is a northerner, he speaks only Likpakpaln (Konkomba Language) and English language.

2. That Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles has spent party money meant to be used for campaigning

3. That Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles belong to a violent ethnic group and when given the position as MCE will bring confusion between his people and other ethnic groups in the Municipality.

4. That, as a parliamentary candidate, Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles’ own people did not vote for him in the just ended general elections.
5. And that, Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles is a northerner and for that matter he is not a native of Kintampo.
Based on these allegations, we want to place on record the following:
1. It is not true that Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles speaks only Likpakpaln and English, he speaks Twi and Dagbani as well. In any case, we do not want to believe that one must speak all the Ghanaian languages or international languages to be appointed as MCE for Kintampo North Municipal Assembly.
2. It is equally not true that Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles has embezzled any party monies meant to be used for campaigning. This is because, NPP as a party has financial secretary, Treasurer and the Chairman who are signatories to all their Bank accounts. The monies which came into the party accounts were managed by the party executives hence we see no reason why anybody will condescend so low to think that the PC could bamboozle his way to illegally take monies that was not meant for him into his packet.
3. It is not true that Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles is a violent person. We do not see how he will bring such confusions among ethnic groups who have been co-existing peacefully over the years.
4. That Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles’ people did not vote for him is the greatest lie of the century. We are referring people who are ignorant of the vote appreciation of NPP in both presidential and parliamentary elections in the settler communities in the Kintampo North Constituency to go and get their facts right and come again. Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles’ performance in the elections was enormous and deserve commendation if nothing at all.
5. That Mr. Nkangmah Mateerl Charles is not a native of Kintampo North Assembly is great news. But the question we will like to ask is, was he a native when he was elected the NPP parliamentary candidate for the 2016 general elections in the constituency?
This notwithstanding, there were several groups and individuals in the Kintampo North Municipality who contributed immensely both cash, material and human resources towards the effective running of the party’s activities in the 2016 general elections. The contributions of these groups and individuals played significant roles to the success of the party in the constituency.
Due to the common aspirations we all stood for until now, it is our desire that our great elephants’ party enjoy the greatest and unprecedented success in the Nana Addo’s Government.
It is as a result of this backdrop that we are appealing to H E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the Local Government Minister and the party hierarchy to nominate the best candidate for the position of MCE for Kintampo North Municipal Assembly. We Need an MCE who will represent the collective interest of the party at all levels, someone who has the party at heart, someone who has worked with the people at the grass root level, someone who contributed his all to the success of the party in the 2016 elections, someone who will not turn his back to the party after losing the party’s primaries. We need someone who shares the vision of the President and his government, we need a unifier; we need someone who is the people’s choice.
We have come together to drum home our concerns at this critical moment because, the situation on the grounds are the very factors that would collapse the party if care is not taken. We do not want to sit and watch our sweat crumble into ashes here in Kintampo because of the appointment of an MCE. We do not want to believe the picture that is being painted that the position is being traded and bought by someone who has financial resources even though he never worked or contributed anything to the party before, during and after the general elections. Neither do we want to believe the allegation that the party uses some people to work and dump them after the party has come to power. The party should not treat its members like a piece of fruit, where the juice is sucked, and the chaff is thrown away.
The appointment of Mr. Michael Sarkodie Baffoe as MCE shall bring confusion and division within the rank and file of the party in the constituency since he does not know the people who worked to bring the party into power
In conclusion, we are calling on the hierarchy to appoint the right person for the position who we belief is the immediate past Parliamentary Candidate and leader for the party in the constituency, Hon Nkangmah Mateerl Charles. This will go a long way to show that the party recognizes and rewards loyal and hardworking members considering his contributions before, during and after the general elections.

However, if the Party refuses and imposes anybody on us, it will demoralize and demotivate the teaming youth who struggled and laid their lives for the Party ,which will also destroy the fortunes of the party in the Constituency in the coming years.
Thank You.

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