Kintampo North MCE Plots Coup Against The NDC Elected Parliamentary Candidate (Kwasi Bonde)

Information reaching indicates that the Kintampo North Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Justice Michael Baffoe attempted to stage a Palace coup to Overthrown the elected N.D.C Parliamentary Candidate (P.C) Mr. Kwasi Etu-Bonde but was foiled by the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon. Erick Opoku, who critically assessed the illustrious approach by the M.C.E and realized such claims is a propaganda tending to tarnish the image of the elected P.C and bring chaos to the Kintampo North Constituency.

The M.C.E being a Mo by tribe and his entourage which included the Acting President of the Mo Traditional Council, Some core members of his primaries campaign team and the leaders of Victoria Hammer who also contested in the Primaries in the Kintampo North Municipality campaign team on the 4th July, 2016 visited the Regional Minister to tell lies and made unsubstantiated allegations about the P.C to the Minister with the main agenda to get the elected P.C to be withdrawn before the party files him as their Candidate at the Kintampo North Municipality, The M.C.E who contested and came 3rd was been prepared to take over after they overthrown the elected P.C. It became more alarming when it was realized that the Constituency Party Chairman, Secretary, Organizer and some key members of the constituency executives as well as the P.C were not aware of this plot by the M.C.E.

This is causing problems and fermenting tribal tension in the constituency as it is already on record that that the elected P.C was disqualified from attending M.C.E vetting in Accra in 2013 because he is a Voltarian and not considered as an indigene of Kintampo.


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