King Kong’ Rev Martey is destroying the Presbyterian Church – Kwesi Pratt

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, has accused the outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey tarnishing the image of the Presbyterian Church.

The outspoken Rev. Martey has come under fire for alleging that some politicians attempted bribing him with an amount of 100, 000 dollars ostensibly to silent him from commenting on critical national issues.

Rev Martey is known to speak his mind publicly on issues of public interest; especially political issues. Even though his remarks are mostly criticised by a section of the public, it doesn’t stop him from expressing his views.

A lot of people have given their take on the allegation of the renowned cleric and some have even asked him to name those who attempted to bribe him.

Kwesi Pratt Jnr, contributing to a panel discussion on Radio Gold accused the man of God of destroying the Presbyterian Church and asked members to work hard to restore the image of the church.

“When I heard what he had said I was shocked to the marrow because it did not make sense….why did he come public when he was not ready to disclose. If all these drama was unfolding in a den of thieves I will have no problem but this is the headquarters of the Presbyterian church of Ghana; the oldest church in Ghana; double standards, somebody lying and so on this press conference was held to mark the end of his tenure but in the end nothing of the Presbyterian church is being discussed. He managed to divert attention from the achievement of the church, its history and so on promoting his ego; wanting to look like a moral king Kong.

The Presbyterian Church has had very distinguished moderators before; moderators who are highly respected people like Rev Martey has destroyed all of that. Today when they say moderator of the church is coming, you are not sure if he is a liar or something, if you are not sure about the integrity and dignity about the head of the church how can you be sure about the integrity and discipline of teachers in their school, this is the damage Rev Martey has done to the church they are reducing it to a politically partisan fabrication against some people and for some people; they are destroying the church” Kwesi Pratt stated.

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