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Ketu South EC Registration Kits Refused To Work, Natives Mock Officials(Video)

The Electoral Commission today has commenced its exercise with the new voters register exercise for the forthcoming 2020 general elections as the believe the old voters register is not credible enough to be use for voting in the elections

The EC stated clearly that the registration will only be done with the Ghana Card and Passport as the requirements for the registration since th old voters Card and birth certificate won’t be used or if one does not have any of the above, should get a guarantor who have successfully registered with the above cards.

A footage fast trending on social media show the registration kits of the EC being used in the Ketu South Constituency broken down early this morning as registration has began.

From the video, two men are seen carrying a kit believed to have broken down away from the registration center as on lookers hoot and make mock them.

Ketu South Contituency has since been in the news when the president deployed military men there to prevent Togolese from entering into the country to register

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