Ken Agyapong Defiles Apostle K Safo’s Home

The Assin North Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is said to have extended his sexual notoriety to the home of a man of God.
Reports reaching The True Statesman say that he has penetrated and defiled the sanctity of Apostle Kwadwo Safo’s home, with his amorous and adulterous life, threatening the peace and cohesion of the family.

The reports say that Kennedy Agyapong as a close confidante of President Kufuor at the time that Kufour was in power, invaded the Apostle’s home, took advantage of his daughter Adwoa Safo, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Dome Kwabenya, in Accra, and impregnated her twice.Ken Agyapong Defiles Apostle K Safo’s Home

Kennedy Adjepong is said to have had two children with the Apostle’s daughter now (NPP) parliamentary candidate and then recklessly abandoned her.
Although Apostle Safo is said to have persistently prevailed upon the loud-mouthed Assin North MP to be responsible enough to formalize the relationship, Kennedy Adjapong has completely ignored the Apostle. The usually quiet and revered apostle has been tolerant over the matter, but now, it is learnt that it will not be long when he takes the MP on for treating his daughter who is also a lawyer with disdain.

Sources say that Apostle Safo, also a renowned inventor, has been quite traumatized by the adulterous MP’s invasion of his family and refusing to marry his daughter, after putting her in family way on two occasions. His public appearances are said to have suffered as a result.

The Apostle who is said to have taken the whole matter as a disgrace to his revered name has threatened to bring Kennedy Agyapong to book if he continues to refuse to do what is decent and proper.

The immoral and irresponsible conduct of the MP is said to have brought tension, unanticipated confusion and uneasiness into Apostle Safo’s home.
Kennedy Agyapong is married with 6 children, apart from the two he has with the aspiring Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya (Adwoa Safo) and issue with two other ladies. Not too long ago, the MP was involved in a brawl with his wife around the Airport residential area after the wife caught him having an affair with a strange woman.
Kennedy Agyapong’s wife is reported to be reeling in the psychological pain of having to cover up for his lecherous loud mouth partner who he says has brought her into disrepute and public ridicule.

Reliable sources indicate that the Assin North MP has been dillydallying in formalizing his relationship with Adwoa Safo because he is still committed to his legally married wife, and not interested in bringing any other woman into his life as a wife. The MP is reported to have openly bragged that he has money and can therefore marry any women that appeals to him. He is said to have even boasted of his passionate love for women with good education.

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