And so, after long days without a dream, I thought I should forget about the outcome of keeping the president’s phone.

I felt the phone could not be returned to the president. But, what would have happened since physically, I could not use the phone?

Then, when I went to bed yesterday, the dream continued.

The French prèsidente was still holding onto the line even when I  asked if he had learnt no lessons from Lybia for which he was still asking for troops from Ghana to be deployed to Syria.

He continued, Yan (his version of John), like I said, we trust in your competence and leadership, and we believe as always, you would lead Ghana to show leadership in dealing with the situation in Syria.

I don’t think Ghana would want to waste resources on a situation that must be dealt with internally with cool heads I added.

You see, I have considered the interest of all the people involved and my government believes we must deal with this issue head-on he said.

Mr President or sorry, Mr Prèsidente, and you think the interests of the people involved is to raid their territories and to kill innocent souls? Is that it sir? I asked.

You see, the interest am talking about is varied. Even as a country, we believe we must show power. We must show power to the world and maintain our little influence from across the continents. He continued.

Sir Höllandé (if correct), me and my country are not interested. We cherish lives and would not engage in a fight of blame.

Do you know the implications of always engaging in some of these measures to deal with issues? What are they if I may ask Yan.

Well, if you mean to tell me that you don’t know, at least you were attacked recently by a terrorist group right? Yes, he said. But, what does that imply? He added.

You raid a nation and deprive its citizens of their livelihood and what do you expect? The citizens would revenge Mr Prèsidente.

Just pause for a moment and ask yourself how these groups emerged; Al Quaida, ISIS, Alshabab, etc. Mr Prèsidente, I love my country. Allow my country to chop its house matter. I added.

Very well, we would look else where. I must say you are shocking me today. I should be shocking you even more if you continue like this for a very long time to come. I said. Sir, I think I have a call to make, enjoy your day. I hanged up.

I then observed the calls that were coming through while I was speaking on the phone with the French prèsidente.

I then asked my self, is this going to end, when one call drops, another comes in. How does the president handle all of these on minute by minute basis?

While scrolling through my phone, I realised I missed an important call. Indeed, I missed a call from Opana. So I decided to call back.

John John, how is the going? ……. to be continued.


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