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Kasapreko launches Alomo@20 with fantastic prizes

Kasapreko Company Limited has launched Alomo@20, to celebrate two decades of the company’s flagship product, Alomo Bitters.

As part of the celebrations, Kasapreko is introducing a fantastic promotion to reward customers with over 2million worth of prizes with a grand prize of two cars to be driven away by two lucky customers. Also, there will be free televisions, smart phones and live goat.

Anytime you buy Alomo Bitters’ 50ml sachet please open it and what you see is what you get. The promo is on the glass as well.
Richard Adjei, Managing Director of Kasapreko Company Limited, speaking at the celebrations, noted that launching Alomo@20 is an event full of Joy and emotions. He said Kasapreko Company Limited has come a very long way to be what you all see here today.

“This milestone is a reflection of the support and commitment we have received from the people of Ghana, the Food and Drugs Authority, the media, our staff and all supporting agencies for the affirmation of their trust in promoting local businesses,” he said.
Kasapreko is a 100percent owned Ghanaian company. The business was birthed out of a goal to provide quality drinks at affordable prices to Ghanaians; a vision that has now expanded to a global focus.

Kasapreko Company Limited now has a project in the Ashanti region, which is set to increase its capacity to meet the growing needs of customers. “This is nothing short of our dedication to serving our country.”

Alomo Bitters’ success is traced deep down to the roots of its authentic herbal composition and organic appeal. Alomo bitters is extracted from local plants using sophisticated machines to blend and package to the taste of Kasapreko’s cherished consumers.

“I urge all our consumers to continue being part of our success story and we will grow together. I would want to add my voice to the call on promoting locally manufactured products as these have proven to be of high standards and quality,” Mr. Adjei added.

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