Kan Dapaah denies involvement in ‘cocaine ship’ saga

Kan Dapaah, National Security Minister-designate denies claims of averting a cocaine haul in Ghana during his tenure as a minister in Kufour’s administration.

His comments were in response to a petition sent by a member of the general public to Parliament’s Appointment Committee.

A memorandum submitted to the committee accused Kan Dapaah of not doing anything as a Minister even when he was aware that cocaine was on a ship heading to Ghana.

The memorandum also quoted a Wikileaks report in which an agent, John King, had accused Kan Dapaah of being “dismissive and irritated” when the cocaine issue was mentioned to him.

Kan Dapaah said he was not at post when the ship carrying cocaine docked in Ghana when he appeared before the appointment committee on Friday.

He explained that he was appointed as Interior Minister on May 5, 2006, but the said ship docked on May 3, 2006.

He said it took him more than a week to take office and cannot, therefore, be accused of being aware and doing nothing about it.

He also explained that as Interior Minister, his role in NACOB was only administrative and hence their operational activities did not fall under his role.

Mr Dapaah said he indeed spoke with the said agent John King but was never irritated or dismissive.

He explained that he only defended his actions and decisions when the King raised strong and passionate points on the subject matter.

“The agent was aware that my role as minister of the interior was such that I wouldn’t be involved in the operational matters…and he made his point strongly. In an equal manner, I also made my point strongly. I said to him that I did not share his view as far as it related to him.

“I really don’t understand how he thought I was irritated and dismissive. If making my views known to him is what he calls dismissive then I disagree,” he said.

Kan Dapaah’s sitting on Friday was subsequently held in camera as his portfolio was deemed as most sensitive to the security of the country.


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