KAB-FAM Haier Legend Night Unveils Titanium Ticket at 50,000, Platinum at 35,000 Ghana Cedis”

The Titanium ticket price for the KAB-FAM Haier Legend Night 2024 is 50,000 Ghana Cedis *(for 10 people)*, while the platinum ticket goes for 35,000 Ghana Cedis *(for 10 people)*.

This highly esteemed highlife event, held annually on January 1st, primarily targets the elite within society.

The organizers have made public the ticket prices, placing Gold at 25,000 *(for 10 people)*, Silver tickets at 20,000 Ghana Cedis *(for 8 people)* and Bronze tickets at 13,000 Ghana Cedis *(for 5 people)*, with the most affordable option being the Deluxe ticket at 6,000 Ghana Cedis *(for a couple)*.

*The prices of the VVIP Table Packages commensurates with the very expensive drinks every table offers*

Headlining this year’s edition are eight distinguished Ghanaian highlife veterans and icons, including luminaries such as LEE DODOU, NANA ACHEAMPONG, BEN BRAKO, OFORI AMPONSAH, GYEDU-BLAY AMBOLLEY, CHARLES AMOAH, PAT THOMAS, and GEORGE JAHRAA.

Dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Highlife music in Ghana, this musical extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience. In addition to the announced lineup, the event will feature surprise acts, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the 7 pm extravaganza, poised to attract a distinguished audience of high-profile personalities.

For those eager to secure *single seats* at this prestigious event, organizers have streamlined the ticket purchasing process, offering a convenient short code, *713*33*30# And this is for VIP single tickets only. For table reservation patrons have to call 0200220202.

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