Judicial Committee Of Inquiry Forced To Suspend Sitting

The Judicial Committee of inquiry sitting on the case involving some implicated lower court judges has suspended its work following the hearing of the case in court.

An Appeals Court Judge, Justice Gertrude Torkonoo on Friday dismissed a preliminary objection raised by lawyers for the 22 implicated judges over an affidavit presented by the Attorney General praying the court to dismiss the case brought before it by the implicated judges.

Hearing for the case was however adjourned to Tuesday, September 29.

This is the second time the judicial committee of inquiry is suspending sitting as a result of the numerous court cases that has being brought against its operations.

John Ndebugri according to Fred Djabanor said the AG was supposed to file a notice to dismiss the case rather than an affidavit in support of the motion she filed.

“The AG represented by the Solicitor General disagreed with the concerns and in her ruling, Justice Gertrude Torkonoo upheld the AG’s decision saying what she did was right,” he added.

Meanwhile one of the Lawyers of the lower court judges, Anthony Nunoo spoke to Citi News Fred Djabanor on the suspension of the sitting of the Judicial Committee,

“The committee will not go on with whatever proceedings that they are undertaking as you remember last week the committee did not sit because of the impendency of the injunction … even if they give you a date for you to appear before the committee, they will themselves state that they are not going to continue with it because of the impendency of the injunction,” he said.

Lawyer Nunoo however hinted that his clients will be available upon an invitation by the committee of inquiry if they are requested to do so,

“…You are still under the employment of the judicial service and therefore when you are served, you have to respond to your employers, he said.

“They will attend but the committee itself has taken a decision and the court is for the council, they are the directing minds of the court and they will be the last people to prejudice the administration of justice,” Lawyer Nunoo added.

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