Judges used a strong hammer to kill 3 harmless ants – Mzbel

Ghanaian musician and member of celebrities for Mahama, Mzbel, has spoken out on the decision to jail for four months ‘Montie 3’ for threatening the lives of Supreme Court justices.

Mzbel believes the verdict was too harsh, saying that the judges overreacted in jailing the three – describing the decision as ‘using a hammer to kill three harmless ants.

Read her unedited post below:

A youngman who could drive 150km/h without bursting a tyre, loaded his gun,walked to the castle to get information about the President’s movement on Sundays.He got all the needed information then moved straight to the church where the President worships to finish him.

He was arrested with the loaded gun on him.The general outcry even from ardent critics of the President was that the excuse that the youngman was mentally sick was unacceptable that he must be jailed immediately.The President for days didn’t say a work till lion approached him to get his position.

I was rendered stupid after his response.His absolute trust in God was perfectly exhibited before me,his forgiving heart landed on my feet and confidence in the very system he presides over maturedly displayed.

He said emphatically that his existence on this surface earth depends on God,after all the young man was his brother-in-law then chuckled so if he want orphans in his home,he should execute his mission.He said that humorously because of the the BA connection.

Days after he stated his position openly,forgiving the guy and went on further to advise the operatives to ensure he receives the needed medical attention if necessary.Unknown to the public the President privately visited this youngman who wanted to finish him to see how he was responding to treatment.Many facts came up later but matured as the President and wife are,they managed that with dexterity.

The President was described as an armed robber by a presenter the NMC only enjoyed stories from the young man without stating emphatically his gross misconduct. We heard Gabby describe our noble judges as bunch of timid persons.We have three arms of Government with the executive per our arrangement,being the head so why the mischievous ebbs and flow.

I don’t want to touch seriously on the issue for now but I can tell this judges clearly here that the punishment inflicted on the young men and the owners of the media house will rather cause serious injury to the judiciary especially the apex court, it will heighten tension and will rather harden miscreants who may have calmed down because of the general atmosphere.The situation at the time the three judges cannot in any way be compared to this vastly improved system with our human right record surging up.We now have a well constituted political structure with effective institutions operating without suppression,the authority of the Supreme Court remains intact so why taking our minds back psychologically.

I have serious issues with what our friends said but haven’t we used a strong hammer to kill three harmless ants?

And to my friends in the media who are using vague legal technicalities to support the decision,please be careful,be very careful.I hold my bible to my chest reading from Psalm 35 and beloved you will one day cry blood over same treatment meted out to these guys.

Attempts to gag journalists from opposition stable is crystal clear,they using insults,intimidation,machinations and conditioning to cow most you into submission. Never misinterpret the calmness the NDC is exhibiting,the system itself will soon react to these painful development engulfing the political space..


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