Observing from our end, it is one provocative tweet to another. Poking of nose in affairs outside the scope of diplomacy. Such tweets from a United Kingdom High Commissioner and now former sends a rolling eyeball as we believe he should know his limits.

In advocating for an open and cooperative international relations, we at Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) think the former UK High Commissioner to Ghana must halt on his provocative tweets. It only breeds unwarranted tension and hatred.

Provocative tweets such as “I’m in a non-V8 car which hasn’t been painted”; “Did someone inaugurate the Harmattan already” which particularly brought about a lot of controversy must be curbed by him.
We think he should divert his energy in harmonizing peace among political parties and Ghanaians in lieu of his provocative tweets. Diplomacy, they say is “fundamentally working with people, bringing people together to deal with difficult issues” hence we believe it’s a serious business which trickles down to one’s comported modus operandi.
We don’t think our once colonial masters who have seen Ghana through the mill will endorse provocation from their diplomats. Harmony and good relations is the raison d’etre.

In order not to leapfrog the issue, we will pause here and hope that advise is taken in good faith by Former High Commissioner Jon Benjamin as he turns a new leaf.
We are surely all involved in building our motherland.

NiiTettey Tetteh
Executive Director
+233 249 659 467
Charles Kwadade
Deputy Executive Director
+233 554 737 092

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