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You have been an inspiring champion to the women and girls, not only in Ghana but other countries. Your humility is also exemplary. It is humbling to see the hard work you put into making a difference in maternal and other critical healthcare issues. Thank you madam for winning the trust of Ghanaians ; in your gentle spirit, we see strength, determination and humility. May God bless you.

Even before becoming a first lady, you fought against inhumanity, maltreatment of women and girl and other injustices and unlike others your achievements went beyond just being the wife of our President. You broke out of that mould and worked for critical social issues that required your attention

You always look calm and composed and doesn’t let your successes, great achievements and your popularity get to your head. You weigh your words before speaking and maintains your composure at all times and be it anywhere to the admiration of all including your opponents.

Ghanaians still call you “The mother-in-chief” because of how you handled yourself as first lady of the land. You were a risk taker and stepped outside traditional first lady stereotypes. The Mahamas have been an inspiration to many, and the legacy you left behind is partly owned to you. Your capacity to motivate, inspire and call others to action is rooted in your strong personality. Your strong character helped you to fight for social issues, regardless of how controversial they were.

Ghanaians are anxiously waiting for your comeback. They need your Deborah type of mother not the King Herod’s type of first lady and mother.

Your kind of mother is the kind of mother Ghanaians need today. You are a woman of great strength madam.

So why don’t we take a look at some of the awards local and international organizations and institutions conferred on Ghana’s immediate first lady

  • Honorary Doctor of Humane letters by the President and Trustees of the Fordham University

-Inducted into the Global Women leaders Hall of fame

-Award for cervical cancer advocacy, Windhoek Namibia

-Global Inspiration Leadership Award at the Middle East-Asia summit Dubai

-Enstooled as Sompahemaa of the Nkoranza Traditional Area

-Enstooled Development Queen in Bodom in the Brong Ahafo region

-Enstooled Development Queen in Anloga in Kumasi

You demonstrated your self confidence in numerous ways and never shied away from standing up for what your genuinely believes in.

Happy Mother’s Day Madam Lordina Mahama

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