Mockery, criticism, ridicule and insults assailed former President Mahama’s speeches and policies. In the haze of the lacerating bashing and insults, i intermittently shared my view of President Manama’s policies and happenings in his administration on my Facebook wall and that of the former President. Sometimes, I joined discussions on his social media platforms including his twitter handle to distill the opinions of a cross section of people on subjects raised. After eleven months of his exit, my sincerest position is that “it will only take a pliable and malleable god to please some Ghanaians”.

I am not an admirer of the former President and his party and I always express my anti-NDC position explicitly whenever and wherever I get the opportunity. I have my personal reservations about the NDC and the Mahama administration but must confess per happenings in the country today that Mahama was attuned to the rhythm of his time and touched on the very core issues of the time. He addressed the bleeding issues with precision and gravitas. We may not appreciate the magnitude of his intervention but I can shamelessly say he dealt a coup de grace to some of the country’s potent social- economic threats. I must admit that policies he implemented might not have contained all the fine details some us desired, but it addressed the vitals of the moment.

I moved from my hometown Kwahu Nkwatia in the early 90s to join my mates who had settled in Accra after school. I worked as a shop assistant in one of the pharmacy shops of Mr Bediako. I was later employed by Namco Pharmacy owned by Mr R.K Obeng where I worked for almost four years. The company laid off some workers due to low production and other administrative issues. Unfortunately, I was among those the decision affected. This forced me to return to Bediako pharmacy to work on casual basis. Ernest Chemist finally employed me as a permanent worker and rose to a level I did never envisage. The company at a point decided to lay off some workers because of production issues but God intervened through the very Mahama I vehemently chastised on my social media platforms. His administration gave financial assistance to our company to expand its operations. I received a letter from our administrators suspending the proposed termination of my appointment and that of my colleagues. At times some of my Npp friends who openly express the frustration and disappointments they going through come under a fusillade of attacks for being brutally honest about rodents in our party and in the President’s office but that will not deter some of us from saying it as it is to save the great Npp from dangerous infections. Why would people who claim to be ardent supporters of the party want to pool wool over the eyes of Ghanaians including honest souls in the npp now?

I am forced to put together this piece because of the ongoing saga between the Trade Ministry, the Presidency, the minority and the event organisers of the Expatriates Award programme. Where are the watchdogs? And why are people who claim to be true lovers of our party defending this rot and shameful act? For what? Those vigorously defending this outright nonsense and operating as mad dogs should move to town and do their own survey and opinion sampling to know what the public have for us. Some Ghanaians who bought into our campaign message and voted for the Npp, now have began saying that Ghana fared better economically under John Mahama than the present administration. I don’t want to describe my government as a failure but Ghanaians including our local industries and businesses felt that as soon as Akufo-Addo came to power, they would feel some relief but from all indications, those saying Mahama’s government is better than our government are justified.

Some us fought the NDC when during its early days when it had just emerged from its military regime. Myself and other Npp stalwarts supported by great men like Lawyer Kwame Ntiamoah ( Mpraesohene) Bennett and others fought against lawyer Boateng and others. By the grace of God, Mr Bediako, Mr Ernest Bediako and Ernest Chemist and Guinness Ghana Limited, I have achieved enough for myself. I don’t need a pesewa from the party rather, I owe the party a lot and have contributed a lot to the party. We shall continue to say it as it is to save our great party from disgrace and shame. The danger is, the young ones coming up are becoming more and more sophisticated and try to experiment with everything around them. Soon, they will not for a particular party because they hail from Kwahu or the Ashanti region, but will vote based on the hospitals they see in their communities, the roads they drive on, the schools they attend, opportunities opened to them etc. I have started constructing a new pharmacy shop at Abetifi. Why? Because of the new hospital constructed by the last administration so logic

What do you think?

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