Are John Mahama’s Ministers Betraying Him by Signing the Montie Three Petition?l9

am sure the President, John Dramani Mahama, is having sleepless nights over the incarceration of the Montie three.

His problem is now compounded by the betrayal of his ministers, who are part of the executive, they have also join ordinary party members to sign the petition, asking the president to exercise his prerogative of mercy in Article 72.

I can forgive ordinary members of the party, who feel that the sentence handed down to the Montie Three was harsh and uncalled for, if they go to sign the petition, but with the ministers, to quote Kwawdo Nkansah aka Lil Win, I can’t think far.

The Ministers, must know the ramifications of the action they are asking the president to undertake, it has far reaching consequences.

The task of asking the president to overturn the verdict of the Supreme Court, is akin to trying to get a Carmel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Let us face fact and be real, anybody who purports to speak or promote the interest of the President and the National Democratic Congress must reflect the personality of the president.

I have not met anyone in recent times, who love President John Dramani Mahama, more Than Mugabe, he has stated on his Pampaso show, time without number that, people can go after the NDC, and get away, but if they dare touch the President, he will come after them, with all the might and courage he could muster.

Mugabe has said that, he would die for the President, if he has to, this statement is the height of loyalty and love, pledging to take a bullet for someone.

He is now paying the price of loyalty, he is sacrificing for the man he love. The ministers must be seen doing that too.
Sacrifice is the greatest form of loyalty and love, Mugabe and the two others have sacrificed themselves, so that going forward, the law of contempt, will be giving a second look.

The noise and threats, coming from members of the party against the President, will not be the wish of Mugabe.

When we are confronted with circumstances, we turn to the past, because that is what history is there for, to guide us.

Prime Minister Prof. Kofi Abrefa Busia, in the second republic, defied a Supreme Court ruling in the “Sallah case”, when he said ‘No court, No court”.

This singular action has remained a blot on his reputation. If he was alive today and given the same circumstance, I am sure he will doing things differently.

President Mahama, has a legacy to live, he is the first President to be born after independence, it explain, why there is so much pressure on him to deliver the impossible.

We have attracted a lot investors into the country, these investors, must have faith in our judicial system. We have to assure them that, the
commander in chief, will not stampede the decision of the courts, no matter his disagreement.

Those who are calling for him to revoke Article 72, will be the same people to point accusing fingers at him, should he, God forbid, lose the election.

I am equally disappointed in the executives of the NDC; they are yet to comprehend the enormous task before them. When the president announced the General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, as his campaign manager and Kofi Adams, as his campaign coordinator, what he was doing was, putting his
faith in them, trusting that they will deliver victory to him on December 7.

He is expecting them to run a campaign that, will return him to the flagstaff house, I am not sure so far, if they have discharged that duty well.
They should be telling members, what the party has done or is doing in the ongoing voter exhibition exercise, which has so far recorded low voter turnout.

In 2012, the President, won the election for the party, the party needed him at that time to win the election and as the former president, Jerry John Rawlings said, the president, need the party now to win this year’s election.

The statement the party issued was uncalled for, the party could register its protest in so many ways, but issuing a statement that will become a public record, was not the best possible action for the party.

The Chairman, Kofi Portuphy, has so far been lurking in the shadow, using this as an opportunity to launch himself again, was disingenuous and a bit too late.

The party must come to terms with the fact that, this year’s election is one of the toughest yet, after 2008; it is not as in 2012, when the president carried the party to victory.

Party members are disillusioned, apathy is setting in, the ground is not looking good, the stronghold of the party, is not what it used to be. All these are happening, because the party has failed to utilize the goodwill it has enjoyed over the years.

The party is at a cross-road, time is no longer a luxury to it, executives must get out there and start doing what is required of them, instead of sitting in Accra and issuing statements that, are not in any way going to help the course of the president and the party.

I hope that, the epistle authored by Lawyer, Tony Lithur, is circulated well enough so that, every member of the party, who wishes to read can, and desist from putting unnecessary pressure on the President to take an action, that will live with him, even after the presidency.

If the party wants to win this election, it should even be the one telling the president, not to attempt doing anything to overturn that ruling.

The sentence is harsh, but it was legal, if it was an illegality perpetuated by the Justices of the Apex Court, then that is a different matter.

The fact that people disagree with the sentence, does not mean it was illegal.

The energy, with which people are demanding the impossible, must rather be directed to focus more on the president and the party winning the election.

People who came out in their numbers to either sign the petition or take part in the vigil, must not go home to sleep, they must take that energy to their towns, villages, communities to sell the good work of the president.

They must convince the president, with evidence which abounds, why the president must be giving a second term, either than that, Mugabe, Alister and Ako Gun, will have gone to prison for nothing.

Ministers of state, whose actions, behavior and misbehavior are creating disaffection for the President, but made time to go and sign the petition, as well as issue statements on their facebook walls, must also, ask themselves, what part they are playing in ensuring that the president, wins the election.

The show of public support for the Montie three, against conventional wisdom of standing by their commander in chief, is not what the party or their boss needs.

They should be seen to be echoing the sentiments of the president, they should be the ones out there calming tempers and assuring members of the party that all will be well.

They should have initiated moves to launch an appeal for funds for the Montie three, so that when they are out, their sacrifice will not be in vain.

Time is of essence, the New Patriotic Party, is out in the field, confusing the people, and rubbishing every achievement of the president, this is not the time to play hero and villain, where some people wants to look like the heroes and the president, the villain (a bad person).

What do you think?

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