John Mahama will be a terrible threat to Nana Addo in 2020 – Islamic cleric

Self-acclaimed spiritual hacker and soothsayer, Mallam Shamuna Uztaz Jibril in an interview asserted that, the ex-president John Mahama will pose as a mega threat in election 2020 even though he has not won the primaries in his party yet to contest for presidency.

The Islamic cleric explained that “…based on some spiritual calculations, he [John Mahama] will win the primaries with an unexpected margin of votes and will have a mysterious reception in his party…and will coming with a full force to the presidential election”.

“What I mean by serious threat is that anything can happen. Thus, the election is not going to be as easy for the ruling party as it was in 2016. That is to say he will not be seen as opposition candidate.

There will be serious struggle between him and the incumbent”. Mallam Shamuna , however failed to predict a victory for John Mahama with respect to the 2020 general elections. “Finally, the year 2020 is a mysterious year and cannot be taken for granted. Anything can happen in the spiritual realm.

I therefore caution the elephant to restructure its political muscles and stand firm. Allah Knows best,” he stated.

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