John Mahama tried tested and proven – Kofi Adams

National Organizer of ruling NDC party, Mr. Kofi Adams, has commented on the latest ranking of president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama — as one of three with highest ratings in the world.

Speaking on Neat 100.9 fm’s morning show, he said he doesn’t need any report or ranking to prove to him that president Mahama is working assiduously or has international recognition. Because he has always held that view.


I read and observe a lot and I know what’s going on in and outside Ghana. If you look at what the Government is doing and some of the decisions of President Mahama to allow the establishment of Ebola centers and how the opposition is responding to it, you will not be surprise of this recognition ” Mr. Adams explained.


Giving some examples, he mentioned president Mahama’s leadership in fighting Ebola which was criticized by opposition NPP but a decision which helped in delaying with this deadly disease to spread further than it did.


“I can say in confidence that the decision president Mahama took during that time is what made West Africa to be declared Ebola–free. If Mahama had not taken that decision I’m sure Ebola would have spread” Mr. Adams boasted.


Touching on the report that president Mahama has 63 approvals rating among people in the Northern regional part of Ghana — 61. 9% in South/ Coastal areas and 50. 7% among the middle part of the country which traditionally is a hostile to the ruling government. In all, nationwide approval rating is 54. 6% — he said it’s a clear indication that they all feeling the Good Government


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