John Mahama Suspends Tour To Meet Old sick Friend

The emotional scene happened at Edubiase prior to the sod cutting for construction of the Edubiase sports stadium.

Minutes before the President arrived at the place,I saw this lady ‘EUGENIA NHYIRA AMPEM’ desperately moving close to the daze with her baby firmly fixed to her chest.Her movement became more reckless when she saw the President’s vehicle.She attempted hurriedly to get to where the vehicle parked but I quickened my steps to her direction tapped her shoulders to find out why the movement.I saw strong determination in her eyes as she narrated her reason for the move to me but was economical considering what I heard later.I told her to relax her nerves.I positioned her where she could catch the attention of the President.

As the President approached her direction,she rushed through the thick crowd then shouted a nick-name I can’t still recollect the President stood for while looked around only to see the lady before her with a card with something written on it.The President collected the card read the note calmly with steadiness immediately written on his face.He turned round called his aid and showed it to him and it was all pleasant smiles mixed with dismay.He asked the lady to see him after the programme.

The whole matter was that,the husband of the lady once worked with the President many years ago but medically unfit now so cleverly sent the wife to meet his boss at the place.The interesting point is that to our surprise the President suspended the last activity for the day to enable him visit the husband of the lady.The people in the village couldn’t believe what they witnessed when the President arrived in the community.The house of the sick man was invaded by the town folks including the Odikro who took the opportunity to put out his feeling telling his excellency that “I have heard of your down to earth attitude but you’ve practically exhibited it here to our surprise”

I will always salute the lady for that bold steps she took despite the challenges she faced.The whole body of the husband was filled with tears.He narrated to the crowd how the President catered for him when he worked with him,a motorbike his brother Alfred bought for him.The rest of story remain classified but we left the place all sobered by what we witnessed.We had to add the last programme to what was lined up for the next day contributing to the late completion of the last das’s acStivities.


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