John Mahama reveals why his daughter was happy he lost 2016 elections

Former President John Mahama has revealed that his daughter, Farida, was happy when he lost the 2016 elections to then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo.

The ex-president, who made the revelation at a lecture in Abuja, Nigeria, said his daughter’s happiness was borne out of the fact that she could go a week with seeing him (Mahama).

“My daughter, Farida, who had gone to school in the morning, arrived in the afternoon. She found me lying in bed which was unusual because when I was President we could go a whole week without seeing each other,” he narrated.


He continued: “She leaves the house early in the morning to be able to get to school on time, by which time I probably had not gotten out of bed. She gets back home late afternoon, and I am in the Office and I get back in the night when she is asleep.

“So, we could go the whole week without seeing each other. For the first time, she came back from school and there I was lying on my bed and watching television.”

Below is what ensued between John Mahama and his daughter:

Farida: Daddy, didn’t you go to the Office?

John Mahama: No, don’t you remember that I handed over to President Akufo-Addo yesterday?

Farida: OK; so it means you are not going to the Office anymore?

John Mahama: No, I have no Office to go to

Farida: Then I am happy! So will I be coming home from school and meeting you in the house?

John Mahama: Yes

Farida: Then I am very happy that you lost the elections!

In December 2016 when Mahama had conceded defeat, Farida wrote him a letter him praising him for for changing and transforming the lives of Ghanaians.

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“I have faith in my daddy, God has faith in my daddy. Daddy has worked so hard to change lives and transform Ghana, he has done so many things, schools, roads. He has done all the things he needs to do not to say even more. He has done his best and that is the important thing”.

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