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the branch youth organizer and activist of the NDC, Fred Williams Adomako has urged former president John Dramani Mahama to contest in the NDC flagbearership race and lead the party into the 2020 elections if he wins the primaries.

In an interview with Ghanapoliticsonline.com, Mr. Adomako stated that the former president must show his love for Ghanaians and contest to redeem the nation from the “backwards gear driving” Nana Addo led npp government. He stated that both completed and uncompleted projects by the previous government are being left to rot while those completed and being used from the era of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to former president John Mahama’s era are being renamed after family members and tribesmen of President Nana Addo.

He argued that it will take only former president Mahama to send Ghana back to the right track by building on the infrastructural foundation he laid till 2016 to expand the economy and create permanent jobs for citizens, especially the youth.

According to Mr. Adomako, the University of Ghana Medical Center which was supposed to employ about 5000 health workers is being left to rot by Nana Addo. The military hospital in the Ashanti region which will employ over 3500 health workers is being left to rot. The various regional hospitals which will employ not less than 1000 health workers are being left to rot. The district hospitals which will secure employment for not less than 500 health workers are being left to rot. The CHPS compound project which the former president and his appointees sacrificed 10% of their salaries to help increase its numbers and employ more health workers are of no importance to this government.

He went on to state that the uncompleted community day shs E blocks that would have secured employment for trained teachers have been abandoned. The Eastern region university project has also been abandoned by the Nana Addo led npp government. The cocoa roads project which was supposed to play a key role in transporting not only cocoa but also foodstuff from farms in our villages to the city have all been abandoned by Nana Addo and his government. “I can go on and on with the list of abandoned projects by the npp but the sad part is they are now deceiving Ghanaians that they are creating some invisible jobs which we can’t see on the streets of Ghana and we need former president Mahama to show his love for Ghana by contesting in the NDC primaries and leading the party to redeem Ghanaians just as Moses redeemed the Israelites from the Pharaoh and his Egyptians”.

He concluded that everything points to the fact that a brighter future for Ghana has been put in the hands of John Dramani Mahama by God and he must come back to redeem the nation if he truly loves Ghana because most of the citizens have now realized his vision for the development of Ghana is all we need and not the “build nothing but rename everything to honour your ancestors” vision of Nana Addo which is sending Ghana backwards.

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