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John Mahama is the best choice for NDC – Ghanaians

section of Ghanaians has added their voices to some members and sympathizers of the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who are of the view that the party can only win the 2020 elections if it chooses former president John Dramani Mahama as flagbearer.

Former President John Mahama announced on his facebook page on Saturday that he was going to contest for the flagbearership of the NDC after teeming supporters and sympathizers kept urging him to do so.

Some politicians, political analysts and other public figures in the country have however asserted that the NDC will only be jeopardizing its chances of winning the 2020 elections if the party elects the former president as its flagbearer.

With the power of vote solely lying with the citizenry, GhanaWeb hit the streets to gather the views of the everyday Ghanaian on Mr Mahama’s decision to run and the chances his party stands at winning the next elections with him as the Presidential candidate.

It turns out most people do not agree with the assertion that the former president will be a hindrance to the NDC’s victory in the 2020 general elections.

Majority of the people GhanaWeb spoke to noted that John Mahama is the best choice for the NDC as he is the most popular of all the people who have expressed interest in the flagbearership of the party.

A few others, however, were of the view that the former president is not the best choice for the NDC. Please take a second look and publish after 12 The video has already been uploaded

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