John Mahama can’t win 2020 election – Kweku Baako

Former President Mahama’s dream of becoming president again in 2020 will end in a big disappointment for him, ace journalist, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, has predicted.

He said no matter how hard Mr. Mahama would campaign, the electorate would reject him once again in 2020 when the nation goes to the polls to select the next president.

Mr. Baako, however, predicted that the former president would easily be retained as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer when the party selects its next presidential candidate.

The Crusading Guide Editor, who is noted for his frankness, stated that those who are of the belief that Mahama would be defeated in the NDC presidential primaries should revise their notes, saying that his opponents would be no match for him.

“John Dramani Mahama would win the upcoming NDC presidential primaries on a silver platter because none of his competitors have what it takes to defeat him. He will, however, lose the 2020 presidential elections and that is a fact”, the seasoned journalist stated confidently on Peace FM.


He was among panellists discussing whether Mahama has the wherewithal to become the NDC flagbearer again.

He was of the strong view that Mr. Mahama cannot return the NDC into power in 2020, “in spite of the massive endorsement from his party’s delegates”.

The editor is one of the most experienced journalists in the country. Several award-winning journalists that the country can boast of have either passed through his hands or tapped his knowledge.

With his wide range of experience, Kwaku Baako is noted for giving creditable predictions about the outcome of elections in Ghana, hence observers believe his assessment of Mahama and the NDC cannot be ignored.

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